Why squash decay

Why squash decay

Rotting of squash most often is the result of bad ventilation of air between cultures therefore to reduce risk of emergence of this misfortune, follows in any ways to normalize provetrivayemost of plants.

Why squash on bush turn yellow and decay small

Rotting of fruits of squash in the greenhouse - the frequent phenomenon most of which often arises because of overwetting of the soil (it is not always possible to support optimum moisture content of soil/air in design). However rotting of small fruits and even flowers/ovaries can happen also in the open ground, especially if not to follow agrotechnical rules of landing and care for plants.

Squash do not love soils on which plants of their family - pumpkin grew in previous year. The fact is that beds on which cucumbers, bush pumpkins, pumpkins, melons and other cultures grew have the minimum quantity of nutrients specifically for pumpkin therefore it is undesirable to plant on them squash. Non-compliance with crop rotation just also threatens with rotting of culture.

Thickening of landings - one more reason for which fruits of squash can begin to rot. Optimum distance between saplings - 50-70 centimeters, at it plants have no deficiency of nutrients, and evaporation of moisture and provetrivayemost of culture happens at the appropriate level.

The power supply surplus in soil can negatively affect plants too. The fact is that the abundance of nutrients promotes the active growth and growth of culture because of what the soil progrevayemost decreases (sunshine cannot just reach the surface of the soil through abundance of leaves), there is stagnation of moisture. That is ideal environment for pathogenic microbes and fungi is created.

Why squash on bed decay and what to do

Non-compliance with crop rotation of culture, frequency of landings and frequency of application of fertilizers therefore to prevent rotting of ovaries, flowers and fruits of culture, it is necessary to conform to the agrotechnical rules below is basic reasons of rotting of squash:

  • the best predecessors of squash - cabbage, potatoes, carrots, eggplants and tomatoes therefore for increase in productivity of culture and decrease in its incidence, it is necessary to choose bed where these vegetables grew;
  • optimum frequency of introduction of fertilizing for squash - three times for the vegetative period - after disembarkation in soil, during blossoming of plants and their fructification;
  • observance of frequency of landings - the major factor affecting health of squash. As culture can expand, the minimum distance between plants has to make 50 centimeters.

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