Why the azalea dumps leaves

Why the azalea dumps leaves

It is possible to call azalea unpretentious plant. Care for it is simple, she is ill infrequently. However the azalea can begin to dump leaves. The reasons of such phenomenon can be a little. It is important to understand as soon as possible in what business, differently the plant can die.

High temperature indoors

One of the reasons for which the azalea can dump leaves – too high temperature indoors. Most often gardeners face it in the period of heating season. It is important to remember that this plant does not love heat. At the expense of it on leaves of azalea there are dry spots, the plant begins to hurt. In this case it is the best of all to rearrange pot with flower far away from the battery, then he will feel much better.

Low air humidity

The low humidity can also become the reason of subsidence of leaves at azalea. Spray plant daily, it will help to restore balance of moisture. If this measure has not helped and leaves all the same fall down, it is necessary to place plant in plastic bag for 20 days. From time to time it needs to be removed to air azalea. In 2 weeks the flower will feel much better and leaves will cease to fall down. After 20 days the package can be removed.

Wrong watering

The azalea can dump leaves because of the wrong watering. Most often it occurs when gardeners too fill in plant. It cannot be done, it is recommended to make watering after drying of the earth in pot. You should not use tap water as it very rigid for azalea for watering. Best of all rain or peat water is suitable for it.


If at azalea fall down leaves, then the tick can be responsible for such unpleasant phenomenon. Whether to make sure so it actually, it is necessary to consider attentively leaflets. If on them there are small points as if from needles, then on plant the tick lives. That to bring him, it is necessary to buy the medicine "Aktellik" in flower shop and to process it 3 times plant and what stood nearby. Also against pincers the snow helps. It is necessary to impose with it plant, then insects will die. For these purposes in summertime it is possible to use ordinary ice.

Small pot

Quite often the azalea dumps leaves because of small pot. Its roots have occupied practically all space. If the plant does not blossom, then it can be replaced. Process will be less painful if not to change the earth. It is necessary to take pot twice bigger and to replace azalea together with the earth. Missing it is possible to add. After that the flower is recommended to be watered with "Zircon". To carry out further watering in several days, it is also not necessary to forget to spray plant from time to time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team