Why the bulb does not burn

Why the bulb does not burn

The bulb in chandelier, desk lamp, floor lamp or other lamp has suddenly gone out. Before eliminating fault, it is necessary to find out what has forced lamp to go out.

  • - screw-driver;
  • - indicator screw-driver;
  • - ohmmeter;
  • - soldering iron.

1. The most frequent reason of extinction of bulb - failure her. The most available way of check of it in house conditions is to rearrange lamp in other lamp with similar socle. At the same time it is necessary to observe number of safety precautions: to deenergize both lamps before extraction and installation of lamps, to allow lamp to cool down if it has gone out recently and also not to put in the lamp bulb of bigger power, than that on which it is calculated. The bulb of incandescence can be checked also ohmmeter (surely previously having turned out) and if it transparent - and visual examination (in this case it is optional to turn out it). The halogen bulb cannot touch directly by hands - only through dry fabric without pile and only in completely cooled down state.

2. If there was ""guilty"" bulb, detection of fault on it comes to an end. Change it, and your lamp will start working again. And if business has appeared not in it and in other lamp it has earned, and in stopped working also other, obviously serviceable bulbs do not burn, it is necessary to continue search. Faulty can be cartridge, the switch, fork, wires and if the lamp turns on in the socket, then and the socket. In this case it should be checked first of all. Turn on the lamp in other socket, and in that in which it has been switched on before it, turn on other device - at least the charging device with the mobile phone connected to it. So you find out, whether in the socket problem. If is not present, check the fork which is surely pulled out before it from the socket. The ohmmeter has to show availability of conductivity between pin and the opposite end of the wire attached to this pin (but both wires which are not going from fork at all, it speaks about dangerous short circuit). The faulty non-demountable fork should be replaced with folding and if the available fork already folding, it is possible to open, check and correct it contacts.

3. In case the failure cause has appeared not in the socket or fork, or the lamp is connected not via the socket at all, it is necessary to check the switch. Deenergize the lamp, having pulled out fork from the socket or if that is not present, having switched-off the automatic machine in guard. Make sure of the second case that all line (for example, ceiling if it is about chandelier) is deenergized, that is, have stopped working also other lamps fed from it. Reach switch terminals, check the indicator screw-driver that on them there is no tension, and and connect to them ohmmeter. In one of provisions of the switch it has to show availability of conductivity. If is not present, contacts of the switch need to be cleaned or replaced it entirely. Some switches join soldering, in this case the corresponding skills will be required.

4. At serviceability of the switch check cartridge. It should be done also at the deenergized lamp. Just as in case with fork, ohmmeter check availability of conductivity between the terminal of the boss and the opposite end of the wire going to this terminal. Cartridges, unlike forks, almost always folding. Having opened it, it is possible to look whether wires are well attached to screws and if is not present - to correct it. It is possible to clean the terminals concerning socle and the central contact of bulb, the prizhinyashchy central terminal - slightly podogunt. Tiny ceramic patronchik for halogen lamps can be changed only entirely. At chandelier to be faulty or also the terminal block located in cap can be badly attached. Sometimes there it is possible to find instead of it twists in insulating tape - then the terminal block should be installed.

5. In the lamp with the halogen lamp if it low-voltage, faulty can appear the lowering transformer. If all wires conducting from it to the switch, fork, the boss, etc., are intact, other parts of the lamp are serviceable, and all bulbs in it do not burn, it is necessary to change this component.

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