Why the cyclamen fades

Why the cyclamen fades

Cyclamen – one of the most popular house plants which is fallen in love to flower growers by unusual form of inflorescences and richness of range of coloring of lobes. However the flower which has come to Russia from the Mediterranean is whimsical in leaving. Inexperienced plant breeders often face that the cyclamen fades, becomes covered by spots and loses leaves, buds. Usually it happens because of the wrong care for plant or diseases.

That the cyclamen has not faded: rules of leaving

Basic reason of withering of cyclamen – the wrong place in which it is placed. This flower badly transfers stuffy apartments with long-distance heating and bright sun. The plant normally grows and blossoms at temperature not above +16os and not below +5os and also loves diffused light. Put cyclamen on northern, western or east window, or on the light glazed loggia.

Often cyclamens fade because of excess of moisture, though love humid air. Install container with flower on pallet with haydite, put ware with clear water and wet peat nearby. The plant cannot be sprayed – from the liquid accumulating on leaves and tubers, it rots. For the same reason when watering it is necessary to pump water carefully – thin stream on pot walls, and later 3 h the surplus from pallet needs to be merged.

After change and before the end of blossoming the cyclamen is recommended to feed up 1 time in 2 weeks fertilizer for the blossoming roses. It is impossible to use means with the high content of nitrogen – it does flowers resistant to diseases.

During blossoming the cyclamen is watered it is abundant and when the plant fades, - is rare. That the deflowered copy has had a rest, its peduncles cut off, and it is desirable to put pot in half-shade and cool for few months. In the middle of the summer the plant needs to be replaced in spacious container with drenazhy at the bottom, without burying tuber. Now, for active growth, the cyclamen will need abundant watering again.

Cyclamen diseases

The main trouble of cyclamen – fungal diseases which, first of all, begin because of soil overwetting. Leaves of sick flowers fade, since tops, and wither, and is frequent on the one side of plant. At detection of the first signs of yellowing it is necessary to remove immediately the struck parts and to modify watering and conditions of keeping of cyclamen. If the plant has begun to decay and roots already exude unpleasant smell, it will be difficult to be saved. It is possible to try to take out flower from container, to carefully wash out backs, to cut off rotten and to process fungicide. After that change of cyclamen in pot with the steam-seasoned earth is necessary. Also various wreckers can cause yellowing and withering of plant. To warn infection with them of cyclamen, it is necessary to look through every day carefully leaves, and before change of copies it is obligatory to steam soil. If on plant insects are found, it is necessary to cut off the infected parts quickly, and the earth carefully, at the roots, to water with pink solution of permanganate of potassium.

Upon purchase of cyclamen make sure that plant healthy: elastic leaves, strong, do not droop. That the flower prematurely has not faded, choose copies not only with large buds under leaves, but also with young people - among backs.

Besides, for processing of cyclamen from wreckers use the medicines corresponding to specific species of insects. Not to be mistaken with the choice of poisons, always attentively read instructions on packings of chemical means. For example, Agravertin, Bankol, "Kleshchevit", Akarin, "Oberon" well cope with pincers; from tripsa – Aktara, Konfidor, Mospilan; with mushroom komarika – "Thunderstorm", Mukhoyed, "Konfidor the Extra". Act according to the recommendations of the producer. Usually at strong defeat of cyclamens the processing is repeated in 3-5 days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team