Why the dragon tree turns yellow

Why the dragon tree turns yellow

Dragon tree – the plant loved by many. It is very beautiful and something is similar to small palm tree. In spite of the fact that the dragon tree is quite undemanding to leaving, sometimes at this plant leaves begin to turn yellow. Having faced such problem, first of all, it is necessary to find out the reasons of feeling sick of plant.

It is required to you

  • Dragon tree, neutral flower soil, complex fertilizer.


1. If the dragon tree is more than two years old, then process of yellowing of leaves cannot practically be stopped. The fact is that plant already too old fully to deliver nutrients on all length of leaves. Usually the first leaves on the top of dragon tree begin to turn yellow. It is possible to prolong dragon tree life if to cut off the turned yellow dying-off part of leaves, completely it is not necessary to cut off them.

2. Happens and so that plant absolutely young, however, despite this, leaves begin to turn yellow. It means that in care for dragon tree some mistakes are made. The wrong watering can be one of the reasons of feeling sick of plant, most likely, the dragon tree receives too much moisture. This plant in the nature grows in droughty climate therefore even in the hot summer the dragon tree is enough to be watered once a week, and in other season – is even more rare.

3. The lack of nutrients can become one more reason that leaves of dragon tree turn yellow. Especially this plant needs nitrogen. Besides, in city apartments during heating season, air becomes too dry. In combination with lack of nitrogen, dry air provokes yellowing of leaves at dragon tree. If problem in it, then situation can be improved, having fed up plant complex fertilizer.

4. Perhaps, the reason of emergence of yellow leaves on dragon tree - infection or any wreckers. For prevention it is useful to wipe plant with the sponge, the wetted in soap solution. It should be noted also the fact that the dragon tree can even feel badly just from the fact that it grows in the soil with the increased alkali content. This plant prefers neutral soil with the high content of potassium and phosphorus.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team