Why the geranium does not blossom

Why the geranium does not blossom

Geranium, or geranium, - one of the most popular window plants. The geranium is loved for unpretentiousness, magnificent blossoming and variety of color shades. Some hostesses plant several plants of different coloring in one pot, as a result receive beautiful bouquet in one capacity. In spite of the fact that the geranium does not require to itself special attention unlike many other flowers, sometimes and it brings disappointment. For example, the long time does not form flowers. Why the geranium does not blossom? The reasons can be a little.

Excess of moisture in the soil

The geranium loves abundant watering. It is necessary to spill the earth until there is water in pallet. But it is necessary to water it only when the soil dries up. That is to each subsequent watering the earth surface in pot has to be dry to the touch. After watering the surplus of water from pallet should be merged.

Shortcoming pitaniyas the middle of May and prior to the beginning of September geranium it is necessary to feed up. The geranium quickly responds magnificent blossoming on fertilizing by "Uniflor-butonom" or other phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. Once a week use "Kemira luxury". The geranium not really well transfers fertilizing by fresh organic fertilizer so with it be more careful. It is better to wet organic chemistry and to sustain 2-3 weeks, only after that to use, and that in small quantities.

Large volume gorshkageran loves, it is rather narrowness, than scope. Big pot – frequent reason for refusal of geranium of blossoming, it just gains root weight. There are two exits: to wait when it fills with roots all volume of pot, or to replace in pot of smaller volume. Too warm zimovkav cold season the geranium has a rest though it is possible to achieve from it blossoming and in winter months. But it is better to provide it rest. What does it mean? It means – to define it to the cool place, to reduce watering. In February-March it is possible to make nipping. Absence obrezkiv the end of winter or at the beginning of spring carry out cutting (nipping). Sharp knife cut off stalk on 8-10 leaflet. If fresh escapes have got not from root, and in the place of cutting (from bosoms of the top leaves), delete them. If it is lower than two-three top leaves, leave. There is option: leave pazushny escapes, wait when on them 2-3 leaflets appear, and cut off. These new escapes can be implanted and landed in pot. Thus, you will multiply geranium. After cutting the geranium will better branch, the bush will get beautiful form, flowers will be more, but blossoming will occur later than if you did not do cutting. Improper pochvageran does not love too greasy and fertile soil. The soil which is most suitable for it is mix of the cespitose and sheet earth with coarse bank sand. The good drainage at the bottom of pot is very important.

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