Why the hydrangea does not grow

Why the hydrangea does not grow

For the first acquaintance to hydrangea it is necessary to pick up unpretentious grades which are calculated on climate of this region. Information on what grades approach best of all, usually learn from sellers.

Hydrangea causes of death in garden

In most cases the soil which properties for hydrangea it is improper is cause of death of flowers and are adverse. It can be the chernozem, manure and humous or alkaline soils. In alkaline soils, as a rule, there is a lot of lime, but it is not enough iron, and it causes on initial stages chloroz leaves, and then and death of plants. It is possible to improve condition of hydrangeas, feeding up them solution of iron vitriol at the rate of 5-6 gr on water bucket.

Also constant watering hard water can become cause of death. It is necessary to use otstoyanny water for watering.

When landing hydrangea from container on the new place it is not necessary to cut off its roots. Cutting of roots practices at many plants, after it the root system develops much better, but for whimsical hydrangea this method is too severe, she can even die. It is the best of all to take out carefully plant from container and to land, without making any changes as change for this plant in itself big stress to earth lump.

It is impossible to store long the bought hydrangea seedling without jumping on the constant place. And in shops it is better not to buy such seedling - most likely, it will die. Hydrangeas do not transfer long drought and frequent dragging from place to place. Get only plants which have damp earth, leaves and flowers are not damaged, and replace as far as possible rather. The bought hydrangea has got used to drop watering and constant application of fertilizers, and if this usual mode changes too sharply, the plant can ache too. Therefore the first month it is necessary to increase gradually time between waterings and by all means to introduce fertilizers even if for other plants it does not practice. The hydrangea gets used to the new mode about 1.5 - 2 months.

Why the hydrangea refuses to blossom

Most often the hydrangea refuses to release new caps of flowers because of insufficient watering. The hydrangea loves frequent waterings and does not take out drought. The weakened plant roots, for example, after change can be the cause. In this case the hydrangea will blossom approximately in month. If the old bush does not blossom, the wrong cutting can be the cause. Old bushes form new flower caps only on the ends of last year's escapes and if cutting for splendor has been made, it is possible to wait for flowers only next year. Bad acclimatization can be the cause of lack of flowers. Now the hydrangea is popular, and in pursuit of profit many offer for sale of grade which the short summer of northern strip does not allow to stuff up flower kidneys. Acclimatization and adaptation of such bushes requires not one decade for now it is possible to grow up them in the greenhouse - there they, most likely, will manage to prosper.

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