Why the line of 380 volts is necessary

Why the line of 380 volts is necessary

The capital equipment in the house works, being powered from the line with tension of 210-230 V. Respectively, and input is often done single-phase with power supply by 220 V. Odnako for heating or maintenance of microclimate are used the equipment which demands three-phase power supply 380 V. Besides, at large number of the connected devices it makes sense to separate supply lines into several phases to secure all system against overloads.

From where 380 volts undertake

On aerial lines between settlements, the cities and large enterprises there are high-voltage lines of high tension. At such tension the power transfer is accompanied by smaller losses. Even taking into account operation of the lowering transformers. On KTP standing in settlements with residential buildings in quarters of high-rise buildings (at the plants usually whole substations), high tension will be transformed to voltage of 380 volts.

Everywhere there pass 4 wires, the system from five wires is sometimes used. Three wires – separate phases. One wire – zero. Tension between any separate phases is 380 volts. This linear stress. Tension between one separate phase and zero conductor – 220 volts. This phase tension. Phases never connect, do not even adjoin, otherwise there will be short circuit.

For what 380 volts are used

In the apartment where work only the TV, the fridge and occasionally the vacuum cleaner, loading small therefore it is possible to manage only two wires: phase and zero. If the speech about the house where there are garage and workshop or sauna and the pool where the mass of household appliances, the ventilation system or is conducted heating by electric heaters, is better to get four wires and to provide linear stress of 380 volts. It allows to distribute loading on phases. For example, "to put" garage and sauna on one phase, kitchen – on another, all the rest – on the third. Division of phases is carried out at installation of distributive guard. For power supply of the powerful equipment, for example, of the electric motor, the welding machine, electric boiler, electric stove or splitsistema, you will already have 380 volts on guard in the house.

How to connect the line of 380 volts

At connection of the house the design capacity of consumption pays off. The fact is that at connection the power supplying organization marks out the limited number of power. For example, 3 kW from 220 V and 3 kW from 380 V which undertake from the next support. Everything that above, is connected directly from the next transformer. Cables from the transformer to your house are usually laid at the expense of the customer, that is you pay. If are necessary for you in the house and economy of 380 V, you have to stretch the line or lay cable on the ground. Specialized firms are engaged in calculation of sections, the project and laying. You only pay all works. It means that you carefully have to prepare the list of the possible equipment demanding connection 380 V. Eto minimizes your expenses further.

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