Why the notebook freezes up

Why the notebook freezes up

Sometimes without the visible reasons the people face such problems when their favourite notebook in the course of work begins to hang, apply brakes partially, and then at all to be disconnected. How to find out why it occurs and how to cope with it?

Basic reasons because of which the notebook can freeze up are: overheating of the processor, detachment of contacts of the video chip or incorrect work of the software.

To find out the reason for which the notebook freezes up for a start define whether it overheats during operating time, having taken measurements of temperatures by means of the HWMonitor utility. Download it from the Internet, establish and start. Then include the program or favourite game which loads the notebook. At that time so far you will work / play with the program, HWMonitor will register peak values of temperatures. In fifteen minutes quit the game and look that the utility shows. The processor has to have temperature from 75-80 degrees. For the video card and chipset to 90, and for the winchester up to 55 degrees if above – overheating means.

If you consider that the notebook freezes up because of the cooling system hammered with dust, purge with thermopaste replacement. If there is opportunity, address specialists of the service center which for small fee to you all will clean. If there is no such opportunity, try to clean. For this purpose switch off the notebook and disconnect from network. Invert it upside down and pull out the battery. After that analyze how to reach the fan. Most often it is necessary to remove cover which is fixed on bolts and latches. After the cover is open, remove the fan, clean blades and radiator dry rag, napkin or brush. Further start thermopaste replacement, but keep in mind, experience and knowledge is for this purpose necessary. Therefore if you will make something not so, the guarantee is lost. Believing that incorrect work of the software is the reason of lag of the notebook, clean memory from unnecessary programs and check the computer for viruses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team