Why the orchid in house conditions does not blossom

Why the orchid in house conditions does not blossom

The orchid is not just beautiful flower, it improves psychoemotional state, promotes attraction to the house of positive power, strengthens the relations between spouses. And here orchids at your place, the look with magnificent blossoming and juicy green leaves pleases, but later time the orchid ceases to blossom, and leaves can turn yellow. Why does that happen?

Orchid - the tropical plant, is difficult to create suitable conditions in the apartment, but it is quite possible.

Temperature condition

The orchid - floret very whimsical, and strongly depends on drops of temperature which differs in day and night time. Therefore it is better to put flat dish with flower where there are no sharp differences.

Mode and abundance of watering

In order that the orchid blossomed, it needs large amount of moisture. Even at abundant and at regular watering, the orchid can not blossom because the orchid gives large amount of moisture to the environment. If leaflets at plant have whithered also podvyal, then it is the first sign that the orchid lacks water.

Insufficient illumination

There are several dozen types of orchids, each of them demand individual care. The orchid which is most often found in houses and apartments Phalaenopsis, it does not suffer direct sunshine, especially during the autumn and spring period.

Shortage or lack of fertilizing

Any plants, and orchids, including, need regular fertilizing. It is most often used potash fertilizers, but they stimulate growth and development of leaves, and not flowers in any way. Incorrectly picked up fertilizers - it one more reason is absent flowers at orchid.

How to create conditions orchids, favorable for blossoming?

First of all, it is necessary to develop the plan of watering, individual for your flower. Experienced flower growers advise at first is frequent and abundant to water orchid, and then sharply to reduce quantity and frequency of waterings, it will remind natural conditions in which orchids grow.


Buy the next flower, it is necessary to take an interest what conditions are necessary for it. In certain cases orchids need additional luminous source, and then it is necessary to get the daylight lamp to achieve intensive blossoming.


The majority of grades of orchids prefer all windowsills which come to South side.


Sometimes the orchid ceases to blossom because of too high temperature in the room and, when moving to more cool room, blossoming renews, in hot weather it is possible to put flat dish with flower on balcony.

If the orchid has ceased to blossom after change

It occurs among the majority of grades of orchids too, it occurs because between laying of roots and the beginning of blossoming quite big period of time is required.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team