Why the pigeon dung is considered the best fertilizer

Why the pigeon dung is considered the best fertilizer

The pigeon dung is considered the most valuable of organic fertilizers. It contains set of nutrients – in comparison with manure, for example, structure of pigeon dung much richer.


1. Gardeners try to use natural quality fertilizers on the site. The pigeon dung is in this regard simply irreplaceable – if it is correct to handle it, he is capable to help with cultivation of very rich harvest. One kilogram of dung contains about 900 mg of zinc, 200 mg of pine forest, 400 mg of copper, manganese and cobalt – on 150 g and also potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Any of other similar fertilizers has no such rich structure.

2. The pigeon dung is remarkable also the fact that the useful substances which are in its structure are acquired by plants quite easily. These substances mostly are in water-soluble look, that is in the state available to plants. Therefore action of dung turns out same fast, as well as at mineral additives. The fertilizer made of it will exercise judgment for everything that grows in kitchen garden or in garden. The universality of pigeon dung does it even more valuable.

3. That the dung has not lost the useful properties, it should be stored correctly. In pure form you should not keep it – better to mix in process of accumulation with sawdust and peat, it is possible also with the garden earth, adding it on 20-40% of weight of the accumulated dung. So it will be possible to reduce losses of useful substances. For example, nitrogen at the wrong storage for several weeks is capable to disappear approximately for 50%, and fertilizer value considerably will decrease. Besides, because of the increased stickiness it is difficult to bring this type of fertilizer in the soil. And if to mix it with sawdust or peat, physical properties much more improve.

4. If on your site there are no conditions for the correct storage, it is possible to apply artificially dehydrated pigeon dung. It is on sale in shops for gardeners and gardeners. The dung which is dried up in the special thermal way in processing is disinfected, loses unpleasant specific smell. In this look he is capable to remain long enough. The concentrated fertilizer which contains 4% of phosphorus, 5% of nitrogen, 2% of potassium turns out. As in it the content of nutrients is quite high, it should be brought in the soil in strict accordance with the instruction – in case of overdose the irreparable harm will be done to plants.

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