Why the spathiphyllum does not blossom

Why the spathiphyllum does not blossom

Among fans of window plants the spathiphyllum enjoys wide popularity. Partly it is connected with beliefs that to unmarried girls it helps to find the second half, and to become the married mom. For this reason in the people it often is called women's happiness. Often flower growers in the course of cultivation of spathiphyllum face that it ceases to blossom or blossoms very badly.

Women's happiness

The spathiphyllum belongs to family of aroidny. In tropical forests of South America, in the homeland of this plant, there are about 45 of its types. In house conditions two views most often meet: Spathiphyllum of obilnotsvetushchiya and Wallice's Spathiphyllum. The spathiphyllum of obilnotsvetushchiya represents perennial grassy evergreen plant. In height it reaches 40 cm, has small stalk and bright glossy leaves of rounded shape, 15-30 cm long. Wallice's spathiphyllum has no stalk, its leaves are collected in the radical socket. Flowers of this plant remind ears white or cream colored, shrouded in white or greenish cover, blossoming continues approximately within month.

The normal period of blossoming of spathiphyllum proceeds from the middle of spring until the end of summer since it can blossom several times a year. The young plant at the correct leaving and good lighting can blossom for 8-9 months. East window will be the perfect place for abundant blossoming of spathiphyllum. After the end of the previous period of blossoming surely cut off deflowered peduncles close to the basis – it will cause repeated emergence of buds in plant.

The spathiphyllum can not blossom for many reasons: the improper location, too spacious pot, excess of moisture in the soil, absence or lack of nutrients.

How to cause blossoming of spathiphyllum

Feature of this plant is that it begins to blossom only when its roots braid all soil in pot. Therefore you do not hurry to replace plant, and at change choose pot very little more than previous. In case the plant is filled in, its roots begin to rot and sick leaves appear. Dry tips and the damaged leaves need to be cut off, and to dry the soil. Further it is necessary to watch correctness of watering, i.e. only after drying of top soil, periodically to loosen and spray, add to water for watering ""Zircon"" or Energen. It is very important to choose the right place for flower: rather light, without hit of direct sunshine, the half-shade, without sharp temperature drops and drafts perfectly approaches. It is possible to provoke blossoming, having created to plant stressful conditions. For this purpose reduce watering by some time then take in more cool place and return on the former place. During active growth the spathiphyllum needs fertilizing of times in two weeks solution of the mineral fertilizer intended especially for the blossoming plants in weak concentration, in the rest of the time it is possible to be limited to one fertilizing a month. For them it is better to use fertilizers with the low content of nitrogen and the increased potassium content.

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