Why the stalk at cucumbers dries

Why the stalk at cucumbers dries

If stalks of cucumbers have begun to dry or begin to rot from the earth, then it means that plants have caught infection or some fungal disease. And not to lose harvest, it is necessary to carry out to short terms processing of culture by special medicines.

Cucumbers begin to hurt because of the wrong leaving, adverse environmental conditions, infection with infections or in total these factors. As reasons of usykhaniye of stalks of cucumbers can be a little, to save culture, it is necessary to know symptoms of diseases, only in this case there is chance at timely processing of plants to save harvest.

Insects wreckers on cucumbers

Stalks of cucumbers because of infection of plant louses, mosquitoes and flies can dry out. Flies most often attack the plants growing in the open ground, mosquitoes - hothouse cultures, and plant louse - both that and others. The first signs of defeat of cucumbers insects - emergence on leaves and stalks of saplings of small brown and yellow spots, holes, cracks.

Black and white decay

Young saplings with bad immunity are especially subject to these infections. However also adult plants at change in the infected soil can be infected. The first symptoms of diseases - change of color of foliage, emergence of white or gray raid on any parts of culture.


Very widespread disease of cucumbers as a result of which at first on leaves of saplings spots appear then leaves of culture begin to be twisted and fade, and in conclusion - to dry up stalks. Infection results from sokosmesheniye of one plant (infected) with another therefore most often spread of disease can be observed after the sword-play, podvyazyvaniye or removal of excess leaves at cultures.

Fungal diseases: anthracnose, peronosporoz, mealy dew, kladosporioz

Fungal diseases most often attack cucumbers in the period of temperature drop and high humidity of soil/air. Characteristic signs of distribution of fungi is emergence on leaves of dark gray or brown spots of the various sizes and forms, darkening of stalks with the subsequent their drying up or rotting, deformation of fruits, the termination of fructification of culture.

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