Why the terrace on the seasonal dacha is necessary

Why the terrace on the seasonal dacha is necessary

Giving is not only infinite beds, but first of all comfortable stay outdoors. The lodge does not satisfy all needs of the person for fresh air, the sun and fine singing of birds. It is necessary to build terrace, verandah or gazebo fully to enjoy moments of rest at the dacha.

On terrace it is very pleasant in the morning when the sun gently caresses skin, to have tea all family. The enclosed space surrounds the person constantly therefore he wants to feel at least sometimes unification with the nature. The terrace can be with roof or absolutely open.

Usually this extension is done from South side of lodge that the sun was constant guest of your sit-round gathering. For protection against especially scorching beams do constant canopy or pull temporary tents which will save also from rain. The terrace, exit on which goes from kitchen, is convenient, in this case you should not carry ware far.

Children very much love such cozy places therefore it is possible to arrange corner for the child there. You will see the kid from window or door opening and to quietly go about the own business. The terrace is the best place for communication with friends and family. Put big round table here and you spend evenings behind games or conversations behind cup of coffee. The midday sleepiness will not take you unawares if to place on terrace couch, sun bed or folding bed. The big beach umbrella will protect you from the sun if there is no roof. Very often terraces make out large number of ornamental plants. The curling lianas will braid special grid, and you receive heavenly spot at yourself at the dacha. Pots with flowers can be suspended on beam that the look was even more picturesque. Creative natures, being on terrace, will find inexhaustible source of inspiration here. Musicians and artists can be engaged, without being afraid of inquisitive glances of strangers and perturbation of neighbors. Lovers can sit all night long on sofa on terrace, listening to infinite nightingale trills. Do not doubt, to do you this useful extension or not. Of course, it is necessary to gather all family and to amicably build terrace all on joy. It is not obligatory to buy new furniture that to arrange it, also that which you "have fired" from the city apartment will approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team