Why the tie cable is necessary

Why the tie cable is necessary

Use of cable tie considerably facilitates mounting of electrical wiring. It provides simple, fast, convenient mounting of cable. Using cable tie of different color, it is possible to form the same groups of wires.

Cable tie differently call "collar". It belongs to consumables and is used for mounting of cable of any type, acting as the fixing element. By means of cable tie it is convenient to connect among themselves several lines of wires, forming bunches. In addition, it allows to fix linking of cables to load-carrying structure: to beam, rack, wall.

Types of cable tie

There are two main types of cable tie: standard and "under the screw". All of them represent wide complex of products of the different size, color, thickness, length. The last parameter is very important for qualitatively mounting as what weight it can sustain in many respects depends on collar length and what volume to capture. Also the color scheme of cable tie is important. In competently made wiring the same wires are connected by collars of identical color. Such mounting is accurate, cables do not sag and are reliably connected among themselves in versatile groups.

The standard cable tie is provided by the products performing only one function – pulling together. The tie "under the screw" represents the fixer equipped with opening. Such collar it is possible to fix to load-carrying structure by means of screws or self-tapping screws. Therefore, this type of cable tie performs two functions - fixer and fixture. Collars can be equipped with the locks providing fixing durability.

Where use cable tie

Collars are suitable for work with any kind of cable: twisted pair cable, coaxial, telephone wire. Mounting of wiring will be simpler and convenient if in complex with cable tie to use fastening brackets. Most often this two types of products go in one set. All of them are resistant to influence of moisture, ultraviolet, temperature drop. The cable tie of any kind does not react to the majority of aggressive chemicals and solvents. Therefore to it will not damage hit of paint or other paint and varnish substances that is possible during repair. Material of which collars are made provides them elasticity, durability, durability. Special conditions for their storage and operation are not required. Mounting of wiring by means of cable tie and dowels requires only drill and collars "under the screw". At first in load-carrying structure drill opening of the necessary diameter, then insert dowel into it and make fastening of the wires captured by tie. Such connections are most reliable and are everywhere used for mounting of lines of cables.

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