Why the violet does not blossom

Why the violet does not blossom

Violets blossom very beautifully and is abundant, at good leaving the blossoming continues almost continuously. For these qualities of saintpaulia are very loved by flower growers. But happens and so that the plant well develops, has healthy appearance, but does not blossom.

Reasons of lack of blossoming

For the good growth and blossoming the violets need several conditions. First, it is structure of the soil. The normal garden earth, as well as universal soil for houseplants on the basis of peat, does not suit violet. If the earth too greasy, flower begins to increase green material, leaves become juicy, green and fleshy. It would seem, plant healthy, but it to the detriment of blossoming.

Important factor — humidity and indoor temperature. At the room temperature of 20-25 degrees the plant very well feels and is abundant blossoms. If in winter time temperature lower — it is necessary to arrange to violet dormant period and to water it more rare, then the flower will thank you blossoming in the spring and in the summer.

Also the plant does not like summer heat. At this time it is possible to put pots with plant on pallet with moss and haydite which should be humidified periodically. Besides, during heat it is necessary to spray daily air around plant.

Spray air around violet very carefully as the water which has got on leaves can cause "burn".

One more reason — too big pot. Strangely enough, expanse only harms violet. In close pot the plant blossoms more often and is more abundant. It is ideal if diameter of flowerpot is 3 times less than diameter of the socket of adult plant. Though violets - photophilous plants, they do not love direct sunshine therefore in their very well lit place it is necessary pritenyat. The shadow and half-shade does not love flower too, at lack of light the leaves are extended. Excessive fertilizing — one more factor affecting lack of blossoming. Do it only in case you long do not replace plant.

Ideally it is necessary to replace saintpaulia 1-2 times a year to the fresh soil.

How to force violets to blossom

Analyze that is not enough for your violet (and maybe superfluous) and create to plant necessary conditions for growth and abundant blossoming. Replace violet in fresh, soft, air-permeable soil. Pick up for it small pot, no more than 9 cm in the diameter. In 2-3 weeks after change make fertilizing fertilizer for the blossoming plants, but consider that its concentration has to be 3 times less, than it is specified in the instruction. Put plant on solar windowsill or arrange artificial lighting to dosvechivat plant in morning and evening hours. Tear off the lower number of leaflets. Water violet with soft otstoyanny water on edge of pot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team