Why there is no raspberry on raspberry

Why there is no raspberry on raspberry

Often summer residents complain about what raspberry gives berries a little that it seems the bush does not perish, but harvest weak that raspberry degenerates. Whether so it, in what the crop failure reason?

Why raspberry degenerates?

Raspberry yields weak harvest in badly kept gardens where from year to year do not look after plants. Plants annually grow old, press each other and ""battle"" for the place in the sun. Such bushes have no time to care for berries.

Raspberry biologically cannot degenerate as it - perennial plant and on one place can grow up to 12 years.

What is necessary to raspberry?

The right choice of the place for growth is important condition. Raspberry is plant which loves the sun, good vozdukho- and water-permeable, moderately damp fertile soil. If there is opportunity to bring organic chemistry, then bring it under crimson bushes. Neither currant, nor apple-tree needs humus as raspberry.

Raspberry should be grown up on lane. Branches have to grow directly and not creep on the ground. Exception are grades with upright stalks.

When landing raspberry of plant have to be located in 45-50 cm from each other, between ranks it is necessary to leave 50-60 cm. It is simple to look after such landings, plants are well blown and lit with the sun.

Annual survey of plants, cutting of the otplodonosivshy, sick and struck with wreckers branches will help to revitalize bushes of raspberry and to raise harvest next year.

What escapes are considered at raspberry as fructifying?

The bush of raspberry has escapes of two age. Escapes of the current year and last year's. The harvest of berries is formed generally on branches of last year. After maturing of harvest these branches finish the life cycle and dry out. Exceptions are only remontant grades at which small harvest flush the current year.

Why it is necessary to carry out cutting of raspberry?

Cut off the old, given harvests, branches in the fall. This performed operation stimulates growth of underground escapes. They will succeed cut, sick and weak. In areas where snow cover small, cutting can be carried out in the spring. Old escapes in low-snow winters promote snow retention.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team