Why walls of the fridge heat up

Why walls of the fridge heat up

Modern technologies give pleasure in operation of household appliances, strike with opportunities and variety of design and the most important – save lot of time which can be spent with benefit or itself to please. The suspicious phenomena happening in operation of household appliances are alarming. Whether it is normal if at the fridge walls heat up?

For a start it is necessary to carry out short review of the device of the fridge.

If it is the classical fridge (without system No Frost), then it is the following system:

The compressor absorbs freon from the evaporator and, filtering, sends to the condenser. At this process, gas (freon) strongly heats up. The compressor is in the bottom of the fridge.

In the condenser freon is cooled and turns into liquid. The next stage includes several steps in the course of which liquid freon turns into gaseous state again, but this action is already resulted by cooling of space in the fridge. At this stage such elements of the fridge as capillary and the evaporator are involved.

Actions repeat, the necessary temperature set by temperature regulator will not be reached yet, and at its achievement the motor of the compressor of the fridge stops. After a while temperature in the fridge begins to increase, thanks to certain mechanism the compressor motor is started again, and the cycle starts anew. In fridges of old sample the condenser is built in the back panel. Modern fridges are designed so that the condenser is located in side panels. Heating of sidewalls in modern fridges happens thanks to availability of the condenser as during operating time it strongly heats up. However during break in work, at achievement of the necessary temperature, the condenser cools down. Therefore if to pay attention to heating of walls of the fridge, it is possible to notice that this process temporary, but periodical. As for fridges with system No Frost, they have a bit different structure, but the mechanism of turning on shutdown of the condenser at achievement of required temperature the same. Therefore side walls of fridges No Frost (or Frost Free) also have property to heat up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team