Why water in house aquarium blossoms

Why water in house aquarium blossoms

Aquarians often face water zatsvetaniye problem. Such misfortune strikes house aquariums generally in the summer or if capacity is in excessively lit place.

The reasons of blossoming of water in house aquariums

Aquarian water is oversaturated by various microorganisms. They on an equal basis with small fishes and other visible inhabitants of aquarium participate in life of the general house. Useful bacteria actively try and process allocations of fishes and surplus of forage which already begins to spoil. They interfere with the beginning of putrefactive processes in water and soil.

If there is a lot of useful microorganisms, in aquarium the biological balance is established, and water in this case very long remains clear and transparent. But also the owner of aquarium has to care for water microcosm. If it does not clean soil and does not change water, balance is broken.

The amount of dirt in soil gradually increases, processes in aquarium of salutary turn into putrefactive, and water becomes acidic. That is, without the aid of the person the inhabitants of aquarium do not cope with cleaning of the habitat. As a result, all conditions for growth and development of green nitchaty seaweed which do water muddy are created. When water blossoms and becomes mucous-green, in it harmful microorganisms begin to breed. Kolovratki, infusorians and other similar beings are painted in green color. From their improbable quantity water in aquarium becomes more similar to liquid kissel. Putrefactive processes which are inevitable when blossoming water have an adverse effect on health of cultural inhabitants of aquarium. Diseases and even death of fishes are not excluded.

What to do that water did not blossom

Once in 10-15 days it is necessary to change the one fifth part of water in aquarium. Pay attention that in small tanks much more often water blossoms therefore and the thicket needs to clean them - time in 8-10 days. Biological balance in aquariums more than 100 liters is established for a long time. But you nevertheless should watch closely condition of water, it is more difficult to cure the water world, than to maintain purity. At each substitution of water collect waste of activity of fishes and excess forage from the surface of soil. It becomes by means of hose which sucks in all dirt and the necessary amount of water. If on aquarium sunshine fall, transfer it to other place. The blossomed water in this case needs to be changed completely. When changing water attentively examine soil. If there are putrefactive processes, it will strongly smell and will become mucous. Such soil it is necessary to throw out and put new.

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