Window crossing points the hands

Window crossing points the hands

In the course of construction of cottages, purchased window crossing points are usually seldom used. Builders try to make them independently. Arch crossing points are rather expensive therefore window crossing points from concrete are more often applied.

What will be required for creation of concrete crossing points?

Independent production of concrete crossing points will require such materials as boards, metal corner, polyethylene, mesh reinforcement, self-tapping screws, nails and lashing wire.

It will not turn out to do also without special purpose tool. Surely take the hammer, hacksaw, the screw driver, mount, metal bucket and the bricklayer's trowel.

Production and installation of box

Originally it is necessary to create framework of future window crossing points or so-called box. For its device it is required to make couple of side boards and one lower form panel. The sizes of boards have to correspond to the aperture sizes. In side boards make openings diameter under lashing wire at once. Surely lay them polyethylene. Begin to collect box from the lower board. Adjust it to window opening in all respects. Establish special prop under the lower box. Then fix side boards on wall by means of nails. After that use self-tapping screws for attachment of side form panels to lower. Side boards have to be in addition fastened arches to the friend by means of lashing wire. In internal space of box surely arrange mesh reinforcement. After that preparatory work can be considered complete.

Filling and dismantling

Filling of design concrete is pretty difficult process with which it will be heavy to cope to one. The assistant will be required to give buckets with concrete. So, after filling the top level of concrete has to be equal to the top level of laying. By means of trowel, concrete will need to be leveled. Then wait for full drying of concrete. For dismantling accurately cut off lashing wire and turn off self-tapping screws, and then dismantle side boards. After that it is possible to remove prop and to remove the lower board. Of course, independently made crossing point will not look also accurately, as well as factory. It is very heavy to receive ideally smooth surface. So further processing of concrete crossing point will be required. Use side cutting pliers for elimination of the remains of wire. And it will be possible to eliminate roughnesses of crossing point only in the course of carrying out stucco work. It is possible to produce by similar method not only window, but also door lintels. They will be rather durable if to follow rules of process of production.

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