Wintering of bees: as well as with what to feed

Wintering of bees: as well as with what to feed

In cold time of bee cannot get to themselves food, it is necessary to feed up them. Often think that bees can be fed with plain sugar syrup in the winter. But if in it there are no proteins, enzymes and vitamins, then it is poor food for these insects. Such results shows both the practician of beekeepers, and scientific research.

It is required to you

  • - honey;
  • - potatoes;
  • - sugar syrup;
  • - icing sugar;
  • - perga.


1. Best of all you feed bees with honey. They just also prepare this product to endure cold weather and severe conditions of winter. Honey contains all substances necessary for bees. If honey stocks for bees are not enough, then it is possible to prepare for them other healthy food.

2. In sugar syrup there are not enough many substances, but if to enter them, then such forage can already be used. For example, as option, add potato juice to syrup. Take 50-60 g of potato juice per 1 l of sugar syrup. For this purpose wash out and clean potatoes. Then grind it on small grater, wring out juice and add to sugar syrup which needs to be prepared in advance. Structure mix, syrup still warm so far.

3. Take glasswares, tie with its gauze. Place there forage which then expose to bees. Bees eat not only sugar and potato syrup, but also and all starched deposit. It is rather nutritious forage after which even weak bees obletyvatsya normally on spring.

4. Sometimes give to bees dough with sugar and honey in the winter, it is very useful for insects. To make it, take 1 kg of honey and 4 kg of the sugar ground to condition of powder. Warm up honey and mix with sugar that mix has gained consistence of the test. Then add about 0.5 glasses of water. It will be enough on several times. For one fertilizing knead 0.5-0.8 kg of the test in flat cake that its thickness was about 2 cm. Put the turned-out piece on frame with bees.

5. Also bees are fed up pergy. Insects place it rasplod on each side, on extreme cells that bees wet nurses could take it. When pollen bribes be in full swing, take out cells from pergy and to replace them with framework from waxed. Then with pergy put framework in the second body, then bees will fill them with honey and will seal. Now get them. You store framework well sealed, in boxes, at 2-8 degrees Celsius. Give product to bees in the spring.

6. Sometimes the perga is also preserved. For this purpose scratch out knife superficial parts of cells from pergy, cut them. Miss the received weight via the meat grinder, densely lay in clean banks, from above fill in with ready honey, and it is possible to roll up. Open jars in the spring, place them in warm water while inside rather homogeneous mass is not formed. On one fertilizing take about 400 g of perga, put on polyethylene leaf. Invert it and cover the slot of bees which from above can be warmed. In week or one and a half the procedure of fertilizing is repeated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team