With what flowers in interior brick is combined

With what flowers in interior brick is combined

The brick color is compound and non-constant. Depending on lighting, corner, arrangement, it can look lighter or is more dark. Because of this quality it is seldom dared to be used when finishing rooms. However competent approach and selection of correct "neighbors" will allow to create effective and rich interior.

Features of brick color

The interior meets finishing of brick color infrequently. Closest "neighbors" of difficult shade are more popular: brown and terracotta. But competent use of features of brick, will allow you to create the beautiful, warm and cozy room.

Brick color quite bright and noticeable: it perfectly will suit the people loving travel, adventures, conducting rich life. This shade is not so aggressive as it red, but is not as quiet as brown.

Brick color is considered natural. Its naturalness allows to use shade for finishing practically of any room: from bathrooms or kitchen to the bedroom and the nursery. Brick in interior looks very richly, elegantly, frostily.

The best combinations to brick color

Having decided to use brick color in interior, in advance think over all design. It is desirable to recreate it on the computer to understand: whether you will be able to get on in reserved, but vigorous shade. Also by means of visualization you will understand with what flowers, in your opinion, it is better to combine it. Such precaution is not superfluous. Brick treats natural shades therefore it is easily combined with many flowers. For example, if you want to muffle a little reddish implication, combine the main tone with brown, sand, dark yellow, white.

Brick color – the permanent satellite of interior in style the loft. Red-brown walls give to the room originality and spirit of freedom. This style is inherent to young couples and lonely, self-assured people today.

Wooden, massive cabinets, regiments, racks are ideally combined with brick interior. Also pay attention to the forged and glass products. Upholstered furniture has to be status. For example, black leather sofa or set in classic style. The upholstery can also be with print: flower or under leopard. Effective addition brick will become gold. This combination will be ideal for classical interior. For example, pick up the corresponding massive borders, brocade curtains or the shining parts in the form of door handles, candelabrums and so forth. Such interior will emphasize your status and material security. It is possible and to experiment with brick color. Risk to connect it to azure, grassy-green, emerald, orange and other bright shades. It is possible to enter them into interior by means of color parts: framework, pillows, covers, pictures and so forth. So effective registration will create good mood and perfectly will suit creative natures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team