With what on one bed it is possible to plant parsley

With what on one bed it is possible to plant parsley

The excellent harvest is not only in time the carried-out landing of successfully picked up saplings and seeds. Often good luck accompanies the gardeners who have managed to pick up the correct combination of plants which for certain will award the owner with the worthy harvest differing in high quality and excellent flavoring characteristics.

It is no secret that the so-called mixed landings since ancient times practiced various people. Division of plants was as follows: plants the main and plants satellites which leading role was providing the favorable environment for growth of the first, protection of the soil against drying and reproduction of weeds and harmful insects. Such plant is well-known all beautiful parsley. Exactly thanks to it, you can provide yourself with almost year-round harvest, protect the soil from so undesirable one-sided exhaustion and as much as possible use factor of influence of various garden cultures on tastes of each other.

Parsley as growth factor

For example, the joint jumping of wild strawberry, spinach and garden cress at the edges surrounded with frame from parsley provides gardeners with consecutive shoots and fresh greens throughout all summer season.

Parsley - not only is beautiful, but also is very useful. It is the only spicy grass which does not lose properties at thermal treatment, all secret in special resistant phytoncides which have the expressed antiseptic property.

The combination of beds of onions, with addition of seeds of garden radish between landings, carrots and the same parsley gives the chance not only to reap excellent crop of the first two cultures, but also leads to optimum development of root crops of the last further. If in the spring on meter bed it is correct to distribute crops of greens so that one of lines was central, and the others have settled down near edge, in May between close formation of the beds made in good time you can land broccoli. Gradual thinning of greens in process of growth, allows to carry out additional landing of cabbage lettuce.

The natural hospital attendant for the soil and plants

Parsley is famous for abundance of vitamins B the structure, acids and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and also fermental substances. It contains also inulin which optimizes maintenance and exchange of glucose in blood.

Take for the rule to sow parsley after harvesting of tomatoes and potatoes. Having collected and having used greens, on the same place distribute onions, bean or tomatoes, it will allow to avoid unnecessary exhaustion of the soil and to observe the evidence-based principle of plodosmen. Parsley also promotes improvement of vineyards. Put between ranks of garden wild strawberry, it frightens off slugs, ants, the plant louse who is perniciously influencing roses is perfectly combined with onions, carrots, beet, asparagus, strawberry, however forms the unsuccessful neighbourhood with cucumbers.

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