With what paint to paint fence

With what paint to paint fence

The fence is not only protection of the territory, this also peculiar face of the house, yard and indicator of success and responsibility of the owner of the site. It is not enough to put up fence, it needs also to be decorated, even the new fence without painting looks untidy and not complete.

After completion of works on construction of fence there is question of its dressing, that is painting. Protections from professional flooring, as a rule, do not need such processing. And here wooden, metal, concrete or fences from sheets of slate it is necessary to coat. Such processing has not only esthetic character, but also protects material from harmful effects of the environment – moisture, sunshine, etc. If color of covering depends only on desire of the owner and design of the site, then the type of paint needs to be chosen according to structure of material and climatic features of the area.

Paint for wooden fence

For decor of protections from tree use two types of paint - it is lessirovochny or ukryvny. The first type of paint creates the thinnest covering, the drawing and structure of material will be visible after its drawing. Ukryvny will hide wooden surface, will create equal monophonic cloth of protection.

Before drawing any kind of color the wooden surface needs to be cleaned carefully from pollution, to degrease and level primer or putty. After their full drying the surface is processed abrasive paper and impregnated with anti-septic tank to avoid destruction of structure of material. And only after carrying out all these preliminary works apply paint in one or several layers.

Metal fence

Metal – ideal option for protections, it easy, strong and durable. But also it has minuses – under the influence of moisture on its surface the centers of rust are formed and process of rotting and destruction begins. It is possible to prevent it by means of special paints for metal surfaces. It is better to give preference to structures on the basis of oils or acrylic. Acrylic paints, unlike oil, create stronger covering, protect material better and provide more reliable protection against moisture. As well as the wooden surface, metal needs preliminary cleaning and processing by anticorrosive structures.

Concrete guard rails

Despite massiveness and thoroughness, concrete guard rails are subject to destruction more than metal and wooden. Their honeycomb allows to get inside to moisture and pollution which destroy it therefore concrete fences need to be painted. Coverings for such fence have to be resistant to atmospheric actions, it is good to keep color and it is easy to be cleaned. Paints for concrete can be smooth which are put with normal brush or the roller, and impressive – for their drawing use sprays.

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