Wooden furniture - how to choose the most beautiful and durable

Wooden furniture - how to choose the most beautiful and durable

Well picked up furniture will increase space and will make the house cozier. Very important upon its purchase to think of functionality, style and material. The durability of furniture depends on grade of wood.

Choice of beautiful furniture

Furniture which you are going to use daily has to be strong. Boxes of dressers, cabinets, sideboards should be opened often. It is the best of all to choose similar things from strong breeds of tree, it is impossible to save on such home decoration. And here furniture which has to work as bright accent, but does not bear useful daily loading, can be made of less strong wood, and, it is just possible to spend not enough money for it.

Attentively examine furniture regarding knots and other defects. It is the simplest to reveal shortcomings on furniture without rich finishing therefore usually it is made of very quality wood.

The choice of style of furniture — rather important stage. However, more often owners of apartments and decorators choose eclecticism as the main esthetic registration of interior. These by word it is accepted to designate mixture of different styles. Combination and unexpected combination of unlike objects seem to many decorators the interesting decision. Usually in one interior use furniture of two or three styles. It is very important to choose furniture from the correct breed of tree. Different breeds have different textures, durability, color and other characteristics. Some people select furniture, being guided by recommendations for the zodiac sign.

Wood grades

It is possible to refer tic and oak to the strongest breeds of tree. Oak — fibrous wood with uneven coloring. On its surface it is possible to notice points, specks and strips. Its wood is highly appreciated, thanks to durability, durability and wear resistance. Color of wood fluctuates from warm yellowish-brown to rather dark brown shade. Tic — wood from India. It is often used in shipbuilding, thanks to excellent durability. It does not concede in durability to oak. Color of this tree — yellowy-brown. The nut furniture is widespread. This wood differs in the unusual drawing in section. Most often carry out furniture in classic style from nut. The chairs, dressers, cabinets, tables made of dark rather strong wood can be found in many houses.

The wooden furniture promotes updating of indoor air and supports the best level of humidity.

Mahogany can be found in many magnificent interiors. It is used for room furniture, emphasizes the status of the owner. The uniform structure of wood of henna-red shade is highly appreciated by decorators. Cherry — is enough hardwood of the henna-red or expressed red color. Carry out musical instruments, chests, offices, work tables from cherry. This wood differs in the interesting patterns on cut which are formed thanks to noticeable annual rings. If you want to buy durable furniture, do not buy maple. Maple — rare beauty light tree, but very soft. Earlier it was one of the most widespread materials for production of furniture, but now is forced out by stronger breeds

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