Wreckers and diseases of plum

Wreckers and diseases of plum

Wreckers and diseases cause to plum serious damage, because of them decreases, and in certain cases and in general vanishes, harvest. That not to allow it and as much as possible to reduce losses, it is necessary to apply special medicines and to hold number of the agrotechnical events directed to fight against diseases and wreckers.

One of the most dangerous wreckers capable to destroy almost all harvest, the black plum sawfly which adult individuals appear at the beginning of blossoming of plum in its krone is. Insects lay eggs in the cups of flowers and buds and which have appeared then larvae get into ovary, damaging pulp and seed.

Caterpillars of sawfly winter in the soil therefore one of ways of fight against it is loosening and redigging of soil in the early spring and in the fall around tree on depth not less than ten centimeters. For extermination of adult insects one week prior to blossoming carry out spraying by fosfororganichesky connections.

One more enemy of plum bringing lot of trouble to gardeners, plum fir seed moth. Butterflies of the wrecker lay eggs on fruits, and otrodivshiyesya then caterpillars begin to get into him and to devour pulp. It is easy to recognize the plum damaged by fir seed moth by the gum droplets which have acted on the place of introduction of caterpillar. To get rid of the wrecker, carry out redigging of the soil in pristvolny circles and spraying of tree by broth of bitter wormwood which is prepared at the rate of 200 g of raw materials on 1 l of water. The wormwood which is filled in with hot water is drawn within a day, then half an hour is boiled and dilute 1 more l of liquid.

The plant is worked great mischief by perforated spottiness – disease which causative agent is the fungus affecting kidneys, branches, leaves and flowers. Fruits of sick tree take the ugly form, become covered by brown spots. For fight against perforated spottiness it is recommended to spray plant with 1% Bordeaux liquid in the spring and in the summer and also to delete in the early fall the struck branches. Threat to many stone cultures including to plum, the bacterial spottiness bears. The plants affected with this illness become covered by small round spots, on fruits they remind sores. The causative agent of disease are the bacteria wintering in kidneys and on branches therefore for fight against it it is necessary to spray tree with 3% solution of the Bordeaux liquid in the fall. In addition, it is recommended to collect fallen leaves and to burn them. The big danger is constituted by the sumchaty disease called also pockets of plums or exaggerated plums. In the fruits affected with this disease the stone is not formed, they expand in fleshy part, getting at the same time bag form. To cure plum of sumchaty disease, in the early spring before blossoming and in autumn time it is sprayed by 3% with solution of the Bordeaux liquid. After blossoming the tree should be processed fungicides.

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