Zoning of space of the room decorative partition

Zoning of space of the room decorative partition

Not always planning of rooms is pleasant to owners of apartments and houses. To change free space of the large room, it is possible to use light decorative partitions. How they will look and of what material to make them?

What material is used 

For production of decorative partitions use light materials, such as gypsum cardboard, plywood, boards, wooden lining, tinted glass, live climbers, papyrian paper or stained glass. At production of decorative partitions do not use such heavy material as brick and foam concrete blocks.

Forms of decorative partitions

As any partition is intended for division of big space of the room into separate zones, they can be made in different options and of any material, everything depends on where the room will be separated.

Partition between kitchen and lunch zone

That it was convenient to the hostess, the big kitchen can be separated into two zones — the place where food and lunch part will be cooked. Usually it becomes in the form of bar counter which one edge part adjoins to wall, and the second edge part can be executed as the finished model or in the form of column of square or rounded shape. Part of column from the living room can be revetted with decorative plaster or is painted, but it will be original to look also finishing from natural or artificial stone. And from kitchen in column drawers for small kitchen utensils can be built in. In bar counter from kitchen it is also possible to establish kitchen lockers that creates more comfortable situation for the hostess as she can put pans and frying pans there and also loose products. Finishing of bar counter is carried out the same color, as well as wall.

Decorative partition between private office and the living room

Usually the sitting room is zoned to allocate the place for private office. But to keep the ease of space of the room given partition do in the form of easy decor in interior. This partition can be executed in the form of arch which arch is revetted with tree with decorative thread and finishing of arch smoothly passes into the decorative wall executed in the form of through cells, the different size which are connected among themselves in the form of shelves. Through shelves allow to get to natural light deep into of the living room that creates comfortable situation. On shelves it is possible to put books, decorative vases or figurines and also occasionally window fresh flowers. Also in such decorative wall it is possible to build in aquarium with exotic small fishes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team