10 culinary mistakes which prevent you to become the goddess in kitchen

10 culinary mistakes which prevent you to become the goddess in kitchen

In the field of cookery each hostess can realize the special tastes. Nevertheless, there are general rules allowing to prepare a dish tasty or to make it inedible. It is worth allocating several widespread mistakes, made to hostesses in kitchen. Having got rid of them, food will always turn out at height.

Simultaneous browning of onions and carrots

One of the most frequent mistakes of hostesses is the wrong browning of vegetables for soup. Many spread them on a frying pan at the same time while at first it is necessary to fry onions to transparency. Only after it to add carrots which, contrary to opinion of the majority, are cooked quicker. Actually onions need more time for frying. And burning, it becomes bitter, thereby worsening gustatory qualities of a ready-to-eat meal.

Roasting of potato directly after cutting and use of the blender for puree

Achieve a crisp on the baked potatoes as pictures, quite difficult. But it only because not all know a secret of preparation of such dish. Before to lay out potato segments on a baking tray, they need to be soaked during a couple of hours in cold water. Excess starch will leave, and the dish will turn out not worse, than on illustrations of culinary magazines.

Use of the blender is expedient in the course of preparation of many dishes. But the most tasty mashed potatoes turn out when using a usual masher (and forks for beating of ready weight). By the way, professional cooks recommend to merge all liquid in which potato was cooked. Not superfluous will and dry it directly in a pan.

Clearing of soda by means of vinegar

Still our ancestors used soda clearing reception with vinegar. Do so incorrectly as at the same time carbon dioxide which has to give to baking of splendor disappears. As a result dough rises only at the expense of that part of soda which didn't react. Much more effectively for giving of splendor to the test to use other reception. In ¼ glasses of liquid it is necessary to dissolve a soda spoon, and in another (with the same volume of water) – as much citric acid, then to pour in dough.

Shinkovaniye of onions in advance and long cooking of vegetables

Small cut onions quickly enough develop a bitterish taste. As a result and dishes with its addition begin to taste bitter. The same effect is observed if to knife vegetable with a stupid edge. Therefore it is recommended to cut onions just before sending to a dish and obligatory a sharp knife.

Vegetables of green color aren't recommended to be cooked long. The short-term heat treatment in the boiling liquid (within 2-5 min.) called scalding will be suitable for their preparation. Thanks to this way of cooking, vegetables keep the color, taste, useful properties.

Preparation of dough products in a small amount of water

Products from the test (vareniki, pasta, dumplings, etc.) are recommended to be boiled in a pan with a large amount of liquid. If water will be not enough, dough can turn into paste that will obviously spoil taste of a ready-to-eat meal. In addition, vermicelli and vareniki will stick as to each other, and to ware walls. And to wash it then – doubtful pleasure.

A large number of a stuffing for pizza

Some hostesses consider that the more they will put stuffings in pizza, the it more beautiful and more tasty will turn out. However this wrong opinion. In the course of preparation of pizza it is recommended to adhere to that quantity of products which is specified in the recipe. It will allow to receive crunchy dough which the baking plate stuffing weight won't cave in.

Surplus/lack of spices

It is considered that the salted insufficiently dish is much worse put too much salt. This statement concerns also some seasonings, spices. If them not to report, the dish will turn out tasteless. However it isn't necessary to put all seasonings which are available in kitchen too, it is worth using the rule of "golden mean".

Addition of salt in broth at the beginning of cooking

You shouldn't salt broth at the beginning of cooking as the risk increases to receive the put too much salt dish (in the course of cooking liquid will boil away). By the way, that broth turned out the most tasty, meat products need to be put in cold water. If in a priority taste of meat, during its cooking, water has to boil.

Washing of pasta

You shouldn't wash ready pasta with cold water as from their surface the valuable starch promoting the best absorption of sauce is washed away. Besides, liquid in which they were boiled can be used for the purpose of dilution of dense sauces.

Neglect sugar in the course of preparation of unsweetened dishes

It is clear, that not o addition in soups of that amount of sugar which is added at jam making is. And here the pinch of this product added to goulash, borsch or solyanka considerably will improve their gustatory qualities. This recommendation is especially relevant in case of dishes with addition in them sour ingredients of type of tomatoes. By the way, this rule is applied and in the opposite direction. It is a little salt added to sweet dough, does taste of pastries to more saturated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team