5 culinary life hacks with soda

5 culinary life hacks with soda

Soda - unique ingredient which can simplify human life thanks to cunning.

The burned pan

Each thing at long use will spoil. If to cook food on the favourite pan, then the last for certain will become burned. Here soda will help. Having mixed water and soda (about 250 grams of soda on 3 liters of water) and to boil mix half an hour, and then to apply it on ware, it is possible to rehabilitate it. If rehabilitation didn't take place successfully from the first, it is worth boiling mix again and again to repeat process. Not from the first, but everything precisely will turn out. 


Life hack which often shouldn't use because of pipes which also spoil because of reactions. At a blockage and an unpleasant odor which proceeds from a sink it is necessary to mix water with soda. Having poured out everything in a sink which got littered, it is also worth adding a little vinegar which will finish begun. Reactions will destroy a blockage, and the smell will disappear. Nevertheless, it is harmful to pipes because they are also corroded by reactions because of what to use frequent this life hack often it isn't recommended.


Once silver will stop being same brilliant as earlier. Soda will be able to clean a silver chain, a ring, earrings and all silver. And to return special liquids in which it is possible to rinse metal to the last gloss costs much. Soda - more budgetary decision. Having taken 2 tablespoons of powder and having added it to 500 milliliters of water, прокипитив all this, it is necessary to lower metal in water. In 3-4 minutes, silver will begin to shine as new.


Soda can bring many hardly removed spots out of clothes. By means of this powder and citric acid it is possible to remove from clothes blood, wine, spots from carbonated drinks and so on. Also thanks to soda it is possible to remove from a mug a scurf from tea, having applied on a sponge instead of dishwashing means of a little white powder and having standardly wiped ware with a sponge.

Fast frying of onions

If to apply soda on onions, that can fry thoroughly it till brown color. It is enough to fill a quarter of a teaspoon of soda on half a kilogram of a product. You shouldn't answer the question ""what taste at soda"" - powder tasteless. Therefore it is worth using life hack with the maximum care because the product can have peculiar flavor. 

Soda can help in many respects with everyday life, however it is worth belonging to this product carefully. In cookery - especially. In interaction substance very well causes reaction in with other substances, and the result can turn out strongly other than the expected result. Nevertheless, if to treat a product with care, the product not only won't do harm, on the contrary, will facilitate life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team