Advantage of a soyamilk

Advantage of a soyamilk

If you have an allergy to a dairy products (cow's milk) and, perhaps, the intolerance of lactose, then a soyamilk can become a healthy alternative to a traditional dairy products. This drink is rich with nutritive matters which aren't present at usual milk, and doesn't contain lactose.

The soyamilk contains B12 vitamin and Riboflavinum. Obtaining enough B12 vitamin can help cages with obtaining energy and protects DNA from damages. The soyamilk cup in day promotes saturation of an organism nutrients and vitamins. This drink contains about 40% of the recommended daily dose of Riboflavinum for men, and 46% - for women.

Soy protein is one of the best views of protein. Soybeans contain all 9 essential amino acids which are so necessary for an organism.  

Soyamilk - an excellent source of calcium and iron. If you want really good source of calcium and iron - drink a soyamilk. The cup of an unsweetened soyamilk comprises 300 mg of calcium that makes 30% of daily norm. Also soy is rich with iron which helps with maintenance of a tone of vessels. The portion of a soyamilk contains about 1.1 mg of iron that makes 14% of the recommended iron dose for men and 6% - for women.

Soy helps with loss of weight. In a soyamilk there is less sugar, than in usual milk. The cup of this drink contains about 80 calories that is equivalent to skim milk. In addition to it, the monounsaturated fatty acids which are contained in a soyamilk help to suppress absorption of fat in intestines. This product is also rich with cellulose.

The regular use of a soyamilk prevents osteoporosis. Soy can accelerate digestion of calcium in an organism, thus, preventing loss of bone weight. So if you want to benefit more from a soyamilk, – use together with it the products enriched with vitamin D and calcium.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team