Advice which will help to keep time in kitchen

Advice which will help to keep time in kitchen

Advice which are given here will allow to save a lot of time, having saved the culinary specialist from widespread mistakes. You the professional, or only begin to comprehend all cunnings and subtleties of beautiful and tasty food — it isn't important. Most likely you will find in this article something new to yourself.

The kitchen utensils should be prepared in advance. Place all necessary objects in one place, grind knives and prepare a table. It will help to save a lot of time. Also it is necessary to take care of ingredients beforehand. Heat a frying pan in advance, having put on small fire when it is necessary, it isn't necessary to wait, heating it. 

Read any recipe up to the end, completely. It can seem strange, but important things often right at the end are specified. If you are sure for all 100%, it is better to study information in full.

Don't spend time for a peel. The peel at a set of vegetables and fruit is nice to the taste and has useful properties. Be not afraid to add a part of vegetables and fruit with a peel to own dishes. The only thing that should be carried out carefully — their thorough washing with water.

Always cook food with a stock. For example, if you do cookies, then be not too lazy to make an excess portion on the future. If cookies definitely aren't required in large volume in the nearest future, inwrap dough in parchment paper and hide in the freezer. This preparation will save you in the future.

Leftovers can be kept for future recipes. For example, the remains of chicken and vegetables can be turned into soup, onions rings and vegetables will descend as a garnish.

Tide up during cooking. Cleaning — an unpleasant part of culinary process. Small parts it is always simpler to remove.

Don't use excess ware, then it isn't necessary to wash an excess plate or a mug.

Prepare for a week at once. If you have no opportunity to prepare much, hour can be spent on the weekend for it. Having prepared, for example, vegetables for all week you will save the time.

Fry thoroughly vegetables before adding water. If it is vegetables soup, then pro-frying of vegetables considerably will enhance their taste and for 10 minutes will save preparation time.

Prepare at high temperatures. Shrimps it is possible to prepare completely in 5 minutes at a temperature of 450 oC. It is possible to save 20 minutes of time if frying thoroughly vegetables, to lift temperature from 350 to 400 oC.

Bean it is better to cook in mineral water. The elements which are contained in mineral water promote their accelerated preparation.

If there is a task to shake up egg yolks and whites, for example, for a biscuit, then begin with proteins. As if you will begin with yolks, then it is necessary to wash the blender, their remains won't allow proteins to rise.

Before frying or cooking don't peel beet. In the prepared state it will be rinded much more simply.

Use residues of hot water to kill microbes. For example, it is possible to pour boiled water over kitchen sponges.

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