As Athena looked

As Athena looked

Ancient Hellas became a cradle of European civilization. Sources of modern literature, theater, painting lie in Ancient Greek myths about gods and heroes, about their difficult relationship, wine and punishment, love and treachery, mistakes and atonement. Athena – the goddess of war and wisdom, the Thunderer Zeus's daughter was one of the most esteemed inhabitants of the Olympus.


1. The destiny Athens was unusual since the birth. To the father her, Supreme lord Olimpa Zeus, it was foretold that he will be ruined by the son born from the first wife of the Thunderer of the goddess of wisdom Metida. To interfere with the implementation of a prophecy, Zeus swallowed to the spouse and calmed down.

2. However soon at the tsar of gods terrible headaches began. Without having sustained tortures, Zeus called god smith Hephaestus and asked to split to him the head. This the cranial trepanation first in the history ended very unexpectedly: the beautiful maiden – Athena went out of the mind of the Thunderer in full fighting vestments.

3. Athena became not only the goddess of wisdom, but also the goddess of just war, the patroness of those who protected the cities from enemies. It was always represented in a fighting helmet and with a spear. One of indispensable attributes of vestments Athens was the magic board – aegis, made of a goat skin. On a board Medusa Gorgona's head whose look forced to harden all live was attached. This look kept the awful force and after death.

4. The legend is also connected with a spear Athens. Once Poseidone, god of the ocean, and Athena began to argue who will possess the fertile beautiful area in Hellas – Attica. Olympians resolved their dispute, having promised Attica to the one who will bring the most valuable gift to this earth. Poseidon struck with a trident to the rock, and from it hammered a source. But water in it was salty and non-drinkable. In the turn, Athena thrust a spear to the earth, and it turned into an olive. The goddess of wisdom got Attica, and since then it was often represented with an olive branch in a hand.

5. The goddess was a patroness not only military art, but also crafts therefore she often held a spindle or a bowl. Athena was always represented with the owl sitting on a shoulder – a wisdom embodiment. Poets, describing the goddess, called her "sovooky" - the huge shining eyes of this bird became beauty symbol. The clothes edge Athens was decorated by the image of the bound snakes.

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