As in house conditions to keep carrots for the winter

As in house conditions to keep carrots for the winter

Many fans of an orange root crop ask this question. Fortunately, there is a set of ways to keep this product till the spring. Moreover, there are methods both for owners of private houses, and for inhabitants of apartment buildings.

Before choosing a carrots storage technique for the winter in house conditions, it is important to know that not each root crop for this purpose will approach. Here characteristic signs of a "ideal" product for these purposes:

  • average or large size;
  • cone-shaped form;
  • "healthy", orange color;
  • integral, intact surface.

Try to use carrots which conform to all these requirements. Otherwise not only it will die, but also all root crops which are near it.

How to store house carrots

If you the owner of the private house, then it is possible to store a root crop in:

  • To the earth.
  • To clay.

The principle of storage of a product in the first and last cases identical. In a sealed container (box, a box) on a bottom the layer of sand or sawdust couple centimeters thick falls down. Then carrots keep within several rows. At the same time root crops shouldn't adjoin with each other.

If you decide to use clay, then its consistence has to be similar to sour cream. Dense, but rather liquid. Carrots keep within superficial capacity in one layer. It is filled in with solution to the very top. Later the second layer of a fruit keeps within. The procedure repeats until in capacity there is a place. Between each "gulf" there has to pass time that the previous layer managed to stiffen. The effect of it and the last ways will be higher if to place tanks with fruits in a cellar.

Storage of carrots for the winter in the earth will be suitable for those who have the kitchen garden. Root crops just remain in the bed. At the same time it is necessary to cut off a tops of vegetable. Besides, all fruits are filled up with sawdust or hay, and the bed takes cover roofing material or a film. Edges of material are fixed in the earth. Leave carrots in a bed until it isn't required.

How to store carrots in the apartment

If you live in an apartment house, then above-mentioned options won't suit you. They demand many resources and places. But to them there are acceptable alternatives:

  • onions peel;
  • the glazed balcony;

In the first case fill up carrots with an onions peel. For this purpose use an open sack. If it is absent, fruits it is possible to put a baking plate a bed.

If you have a glazed balcony, remove carrots there. If it is absent, use the freezer in the fridge. Peel carrots, wash out, grate and, having divided into equal shares, pack into packages. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team