As it is correct to cook chicken that broth was transparent

As it is correct to cook chicken that broth was transparent

Chicken broth in itself is not only tasty, but also useful first course, it is recommended to give to the people recovering after a serious illness. Besides, it is a basis of the most various soups, impacting them seductive relish and aroma. Therefore it is important not to spoil such broth, having welded its opaque and having made a dish less appetizing.

Processing of a chicken carcass before cooking

If the chicken carcass is frozen, it should be defrozen previously, having laid out since evening on the lower shelf of the fridge or having left to stand since morning 2-3 hours at the room temperature. Well wash out the cooled or defrozen chicken in a bowl with cold water, it is especially carefully necessary to wash an internal part.

If a pan in which broth will cook rather big, chicken can be not cut, otherwise - cut a carcass on halves or on quarters and again rinse to remove small fragments of bones. Put pieces of chicken or I kiss a carcass on a pan and fill in it with cold water that it covered a bird on 1-2 fingers.

As it is correct to cook chicken broth

Put a pan on a plate and include a baking plate to it the maximum fire. Clean a small bulb and carrot. The bulb shouldn't be cut, you can cut carrots across on 2-3 parts. You watch closely a plate, you shouldn't pass the moment when water in a pan begins to begin to boil. As soon as you see that it will occur soon, arm with a usual spoon or a spoon with holes, take a saucer and begin to remove the formed foam. If you not really are in time, fire can be lowered slightly.

No spices, except bay leaf, are recommended to be added to chicken broth as its taste and is so rather good.

By that moment when broth is going to begin to boil strongly, already all has to be scummed. The main secret of cooking of transparent broth is not to allow liquid to boil strongly during all process of preparation. Therefore lower fire to minimum, having stopped swirling process, and put onions and carrots in a pan. Salt broth, but not to norm not to put too much salt as in the course of cooking it uvaritsya slightly even under a cover. Track that boiling wasn't, but it was noticeable that broth cooks. Close a pan a cover and leave on a plate.

To make chicken broth a little sytny, add to it before the end of cooking dry home-made noodles or vermicelli.

On slow fire the chicken intended for cooking of broth and who grew on poultry farm will cook in 1 hour. Home-made chicken can longer cook, determine her readiness by degree of softness of meat, it has to begin to lag behind bones. Put couple of leaves of a lavrushka in a pan, take broth on a plate of 10 more minutes, then remove. Your tasty, rich, beautiful and transparent broth is ready.

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