As it is correct to salt garlic

As it is correct to salt garlic

Much know that garlic, as seasoning, is simply irreplaceable, it has great peculiar taste and aroma. Besides, garlic is very useful, this vegetable has antimycotic and antimicrobic properties. It is a pity that in the conditions of the apartment, without having near at hand, for example, a cellar, it is almost impossible to keep garlic for a long time. An exit is simple - it is necessary to salt it.

How to salt garlic heads?

It is possible to salt garlic differently, there are several ways, each of which deserves your attention. Surprisingly, but salting allows garlic not only not to deteriorate, but also to keep all the useful properties within eight months. It can't do please those who watch over the health and a condition of immunity and also those who aren't indifferent to hot, appetizing dishes with addition of garlic.

To salt garlic it is required by integral heads to you: - about 300 grams of salt;

- 1 kilogram of heads of garlic. If you decided to use this method, then consider that garlic heads at it don't clean. All you need to do is - simply to remove all roots and the excess damaged scales by means of a knife. In advance prepare suitable by the sizes to bank, its volume will depend on that amount of garlic which you would like to prepare. On a bottom of your capacity it is necessary to fill a small layer of salt, and over it to spread out garlic heads. Now you will need to fill up with salt all intervals between the laid-out heads, and then to make the following layer. As a result it will turn out that all garlic heads are completely in salt, at the same time the last layer of garlic has to be completely covered. When everything is ready, just close to bank a dense cover.

The garlic salted by heads needs to be stored in some cool room. When you eat it, practically don't feel a difference between salty and fresh garlic, it will remain same dense and crunchy.

Salting garlic pieces

For salting garlic it will be required by pieces to you: - 100 grams of the peeled garlic cut with slices or cubes; - 30 grams of salt. To use this method of salting, you need to clean garlic, that is to sort it on separate cloves. The cleaned segments of garlic need to be cut on slices. Add salt to the received plasticity and carefully mix, grains have to be distributed as much as possible evenly on garlic so that there were no lumps. All turned-out mix needs to be spread out on jars of suitable volume so that tanks were filled most densely. After that it will be necessary only to close banks covers and to send for storage in the fridge. This method is suitable not only for a pickles of mature garlic, in the same way you will be able to keep both young garlic, and even its feathers. Just cut all with pieces and salt the same way. Such seasoning can be added directly to food, at the same time consider that in addition it won't be required to salt a dish any more.

Salty garlic pieces is good both in salads, and at preparation of soups and second courses.

Garlic in a brine

For preparation of garlic in a brine it is required to you: - garlic heads; - 100 grams of salt on 1 liter of water. You don't need to sort garlic on cloves, it is necessary to leave heads intact. However, before salting remove all roots, the damaged scales and leaves, and then carefully wash out garlic under flowing water, having made sure that on heads there is no earth left and dust. After that lay garlic in big, it is desirable 3-liter jars and fill in with cold water. The next three days you regularly have to change water in banks, about two times a day. After that water from tanks needs to be drained. Now all preparatory procedures are finished, and it is possible to start salting garlic directly.

The bank with the garlic which is filled in with a brine should sterilize, having brought it to the boil in a pan with water.

Prepare a brine from water and salt, bring liquid to the boil and cool, after that fill in with a brine garlic. Now you will need only to roll up jars special covers and to send them for storage.

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