As the African plague of pigs affects

As the African plague of pigs affects

The African plague of pigs belongs to the category of especially dangerous diseases as in most cases leads to a lethal outcome and affects all infected animals regardless of their breed or age. This disease is followed by fever, inflammatory processes in various bodies, the diathesis and some other symptoms leading of pigs to death.

The African plague of pigs as it follows from the name, was for the first time found in Africa, however subsequently extended to other continents. Both domestic, and wild pigs can be infected with it, besides the centers of plague flash at all seasons of the year. Carriers of a virus are had and still sick pigs, and they can remain infection sources for several years. In certain cases plague proceeds asymptomatically, and one pig manages to infect a great number of animals by that moment as the disease will be found.

The virus is transmitted in different ways: through saliva (for example, when eating forages), the damaged sites of skin and also a respiratory way. Besides, the argasovy tick of a sort ornitodoros, being the disease carrier can infect a pig. Also mechanically other pets, people, insects and even things on which saliva, blood or excrements of a sick pig got can transmit a virus.

Features of defeat of an organism of a pig a virus of the African plague can be different as they directly depend on a way of infection and quantity of the pathogenic microbes which got into an organism. In most cases the virus at first causes sharp temperature increase of a body and weakness. The animal loses appetite, becomes less mobile. Then the virus affects lungs, causing their inflammation. This stage is characterized by appearance of cough, breath becomes heavy and faltering. Then there are hemorrhages, skin of a pig becomes blue, severe diarrhea begins. In certain cases it is followed by nasal bleeding, convulsions or paralysis. The disease lasts 5-7 days then the pig perishes. There is also other option of defeat of an organism of a pig a virus of the African plague. The disease first proceeds as well as at the sharp state described above, but in a week temperature begins to decrease. Necrosis of fabrics which at some individuals leads even to falling off of ears begins. If doctors manage to save an animal from exhaustion, it will survive, but will become the virus carrier.

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