As there was an expression ""a grief defeated"

As there was an expression ""a grief defeated"

People use a large number of popular expressions, moralizing and cheerful, encouraging and terrible. But seldom who thinks what events led to their emergence. Meanwhile behind each of them there is an interesting story.


1. In 387 BC Gallic tribes intruded to the Apennine Peninsula. The leader of the tribe of senon - Brenna was their leader, judging by historical evidences exactly thanks to his mind and tranquility the campaign of Gauls first was victorious. Having appeared in Northern Italy, Gauls without effort subdued the Etruscans living there and continued the movement on the South. At last, they approached the city of Kluzy located near Rome. Alarmed residents of this city sent ambassadors to Rome with a request to protect them.

2. The Roman authorities originally were not going to enter the conflict with Gauls and sent to them parliamentarians, trying to settle the conflict peacefully. But Brenna said to Romans that it will take everything that will want by right strong. Such answer, of course, did not suit the Roman ambassadors, and they killed the small Gallic leader to show that war is inevitable. Shortly troops of Gauls and Romans met in fight on the Alliya River. The skilled commander of Brenna unmistakably conducted fight and crushed Romans, the destiny of Rome was decided as in those days it had no powerful strengthenings yet, was straight off taken by Gauls and plundered.

3. Capitol Hill was the only strengthened place in the city, the Roman consuls and perfect troops took cover there. Gauls did not manage to occupy this place therefore it was necessary to enter negotiations at which Brenna demanded from Romans 450 kg of gold in exchange for the world. Consuls made the decision to pay a tribute, but when Gauls dragged own weights which were obviously heavier for gold weighing, than was stated, representatives of Rome refused the transaction on what they received the historical answer Brenna - he threw the sword on a scale and exclaimed: ""Vae victis!"", that is "Grief defeated!", meaning that at got beaten there can be no rights, and they have to reconcile to an arbitrariness of the winner.

4. Authentically it is not known how events developed further, but in the Roman historiography it is considered to be that at the same moment to the city the military leader Kamil appointed the dictator who brought together big army appeared in time. Gauls were crushed and expelled from the territory not only Rome, but also all Italy.

5. Romans perfectly learned the lesson presented to them Transitory. Within the next 800 years nobody could capture Rome any more, and the phrase "A grief defeated" now was used by already Romans submitting one people behind another.

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