As to make 9% of 70% of vinegar acetic solution

As to make 9% of 70% of vinegar acetic solution

Seventy-percentage vinegar is called essence. It is seldom used in cooking because of high concentration of acetic acid. Nine-percentage solution is most often used.

It is simple to make of 70% of vinegar 9% solution. For this purpose you will need water and knowledge of necessary proportions.

Technique of a thick glass tumbler

The thick glass tumbler contains 17 spoons of liquid. To receive a glass of 9% of vinegar, you will be required to pour a full glass water, and then to add to it only two and a half tablespoons of vinegar.

Such method is good if you have no full bottle of vinegar or a large amount of essence simply isn't necessary.

Universal method

It is possible to prepare necessary solution, using only a tablespoon. For preparation of 9 percent solution of vinegar from 70 percent essence you will need to dilute one spoon of vinegar with 7 spoons of water. Two spoons of vinegar will require already 14 spoons of water and so on.

If you need a lot of essence, then the whole bottle of 70 percent solution can be diluted also in the ratio 1 to 7. For example, if in a small bottle with acid of 200 ml of substance, you need seven times more water, that is 1400 ml. As a result you receive nearly one and a half liters of 9 percent acetic solution.

Important councils

If you dilute essence, then in advance decide on where there will be a received solution. At first always pour an exact amount of water because it is much easier to work with it. If you poured an incorrect amount of water, it can just be poured out in a sink, without suffering with funnels and an unpleasant odor.

During the work with acids it is always necessary to have at itself rubber gloves as acidic environment corrodes skin. At hit of vinegar in eyes you shouldn't panic — immediately wash out eyes big an amount of water.

As you can see, to prepare vinegar solution with the maintenance of 9 percent of acid from 70 percent essence not so difficult. The main thing is not to forget about safety measures and to remember a ratio 1 to 7 — 1 part of vinegar and 7 parts of water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team