Bananas in dietology

Bananas in dietology

Banana – fruit tasty, useful and very well-loved by many. However the people keeping the figure often exclude bananas from a diet as the product promoting a set of weight. Meanwhile in dietology there are even diets for weight loss in which a main product is banana.

Than bananas are useful

Banana is an excellent power source. Fruit contains sucrose, glucose and fructose which almost instantly restore become invalid. There lasts energy charge from one banana for 30-60 minutes. Therefore this fruit is actively applied in sports nutrition.

Bananas macro - and minerals are rich. One of the most necessary for an organism – potassium. It helps at a hypertension, strengthens a cardiac muscle, reduces heart attack probability, regulates the level of metabolism and a water balance of an organism. Still bananas contain the phosphorus which is positively influencing brain activity; the iron protecting from anemia; and also magnesium; calcium; sodium; manganese; zinc; selenium and fluorine.

Bananas contain several types of proteins, one of which – трипотофан. This protein in an organism will be transformed to serotonin which promotes relaxation, improves mood and gives a condition of joy. Therefore bananas are recommended in the period of a depression and decline of mood and also for improvement of a state during a premenstrual syndrome. Bananas are useful at gastrointestinal diseases and diseases of a liver. Ripe fruit well helps from heartburn. At consumption of immature bananas the risk of developing of cancer of intestines decreases. Bananas contain very useful kind of cellulose – a fiber. It helps to restore normal activity of intestines, without resorting to laxatives. Bananas help to study children better. And if to replace with this fruit harmful chips and candies, then the child won't gather extra kilos. At all advantages bananas can't be used sick diabetes. If you keep to a low-carbohydrate diet, bananas also should be excluded from a diet. And if you very much love this fruit, it is possible to try to lose weight on one of banana diets.

Banana diets

The first banana diet is calculated for three days, and it is possible to lose on it up to three kilograms. During a diet your day diet is limited to three bananas and three glasses of milk or kefir. Bananas can be washed down with a milk beverage, and it is possible to make tasty cocktail. It is possible to drink during a diet water and an unsweetened green tea. If the feeling of hunger becomes intolerable – in day it is possible to eat two egg whites in addition. The second banana diet is calculated on a week, loss of excess weight can be up to 5 kilograms. In day during a diet it is allowed to eat 1.5 kilograms of bananas. It is possible to drink water and a green tea.

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