Berry blueberry: useful properties and contraindications

Berry blueberry: useful properties and contraindications

General information

Blueberry belongs to family Heather. One more of names of blueberry - a water booze. Blueberry grows in the tundra and on marshy places. The most widespread regions where this great berry grows are Siberia, the Urals, Kvakaz, Altai and the Far East. Height of this plant fluctuates from 30 cm (undersized) up to 9 m (Esha or ""a rabbit eye""). Blueberry is often confused with bilberry because of quite similar appearance. However they differ from each other. At bilberry odrevesnevayushchy stalks and fruits at these berries to taste are observed differ. Fruits of blueberry of blue color also have a light gray scurf, juicy and have a pleasant slightly acid flavor. Blueberry ripens at the end of summer, its berries become mygky, the saturated taste appears. Blueberry very soft berry therefore it is necessary to bring together her accurately not to damage. Now contain about 26 species of this plant. Blueberry grows both in the wild nature, and in house gardens. Blueberry is in olshy demand now therefore it is sought to be grown up on garden sites.

Useful properties and contraindications

Berry blueberry very valuable berry, has a set of vitamins, is widely applied both in national, and in traditional medicine to medicine and also in dietology. Than blueberry is useful? This tasty berry contains the whole complex of such vitamins as B1, B2, E and PP, has the high content of vitamin C which remains in berry even after processing. Also the water booze contains magnesium, fluorine, potassium, sodium, calcium and, in small amounts, iron.

Berry blueberry is applied at obesity, diseases of an urinogenital system (cystitis, stones in kidneys, гидронефроз), cardiovascular diseases, locks, good-quality and malignant new growths, ophthalmologic pathologies (glaucoma, a cataract, short-sightedness), deficiency of vitamin C, catarrhal diseases, postoperative procedures, painful symptoms of a stomach.

However, despite the wide list of diseases in which treatment apply blueberry it is worth eating and be treated by this berry with care as there are protivopakaaniye. 100 grams of berry of blueberry contain 1.35 grams of acids (apple, lemon, oxalic and benzoic) because of what it isn't recommended to be used to the people having gastritis. Also carefully blueberry needs to be used that at whom the motility of biliary tract, the high level of fibrinogen is broken, is inclined to thromboses who has an increased blood clotting, hepatitis.

It is impossible to abuse blueberry too. In spite of the fact that toxic agents aren't found in it berry causes symptoms which are similar to intoxication and poisoning: nausea, dizziness and vomiting.

The daily norm admissible to an upotreboyeniye without harm for health - 100-150 grams

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