Chicken entirely: preparation secrets

Chicken entirely: preparation secrets

At preparation of chicken entirely marinade in which chicken infuses is of great importance. Marinade can be cooked on the basis of white wine, mayonnaise, yogurt, mustard and other products.

To make chicken in an oven entirely, you will need the following ingredients: - chicken – 1.5 kg;

- garlic – 3 cloves; - olive oil – 4 tablespoons;

- a black sprinkling pepper – to taste; - salt – to taste; - ground paprika – 1 tsp.

Wash out a carcass of chicken, dry it and salt also pepper outside and inside. In a bowl connect olive oil, ground paprika and the crushed garlic. Grate with this mix chicken inside and outside. Leave to be pickled for one and a half-two hours. When chicken is kept waiting, lay out her on a baking tray and bake until ready at a temperature of 200 wasps. You can check readiness of chicken, having slightly pierced it a skewer. If pink or rather turbid juice flows, the dish isn't ready yet if transparent – it is ready.

That chicken turned out more tasty, you can pickle her in mix from a glass of white wine, a spoon of mustard, a spoon of wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper in advance.

Chicken in an oven with a lemon turns out very tasty. For preparation of this dish it will be required: - a carcass of chicken – 1.5 kg; - a lemon – 1 piece; - lemon zest; - salt, a black pepper – to taste; - thyme. In the whole lemon do several deep cuts by means of a thin knife that juice was emitted. Connect a thyme to lemon zest, grated through a small grater, pepper and salt. Wash out and dry chicken, grate her with mix with lemon zest. In a paunch shift the whole lemon with cuts. Shift chicken in a form for roasting and remove in the oven which is in advance warmed up up to 200 wasps. Bake a bird until ready.

For achievement of bigger juiciness of a bird during baking water chicken with the juice which is emitted from it in the course of preparation. Also thanks to it the uniform golden crust is formed.

For preparation of chicken with vegetables you will need the following ingredients: - a carcass of chicken – 1 piece; - green sour apple – 1 piece; - mustard – 2 tablespoons; - lemon juice – 2 tablespoons; - garlic – 2 cloves; - sugar – 1 tsp; - potatoes – 5 pieces; - carrots – 3 pieces; - onion – 4 pieces; - parsley greens – 4-6 branches; - thyme; - salt, pepper – to taste. Carefully wash up chicken and drain her. Rub a bird with salt, pepper. Place green apple in a carcass. Prepare a form for roasting. For this purpose oil it olive.

For roasting of chicken it is better to choose ceramic or pig-iron ware as such forms are warmed evenly and gradually. When choosing forms from other materials it is necessary to watch closely temperature condition more.

In a bowl mix lemon juice, mustard, sugar and the garlic which is pressed through through a press. Grease with the made sauce a carcass of chicken and accurately shift in a form. Cut in cubes the peeled carrots, potatoes and onions. Add the crushed greens. Mix. Shift vegetables in a form around chicken. Bake a bird at a temperature of 200 wasps. The first half an hour is better to cook a dish, having covered, to readiness to lead up, without covering. The chicken baked entirely give hot on a table, having laid out on a dish, having imposed with vegetables and having decorated with fresh greens.

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