Culinary secrets of the Japanese longevity

Culinary secrets of the Japanese longevity

In temple kitchen which was practiced by Buddhists in Japan throughout many centuries a special role is played by number 5. Five tastes, five ways of preparation of products, five flowers which have to be combined in a dish, five sacred phrases said before acceptance of food and five culinary secrets of the Japanese longevity. We will also tell about the mysteries of Japanese cuisine prolonging life of the population of Japan in more detail.

Secret monastic the kukhnipervy culinary secret of the Japanese longevity is the relation of the person to process of acceptance of food. Throughout many centuries the residents of Japan observe traditions which were practiced by Buddhist priests in ancient times. Acceptance of food for Japanese is a ritual which means a certain sequence of actions. Food represents not usual process of satisfying of hunger, and means of completion of vital energy and spiritual growth.

According to Japanese, food has to cure the person, keep his health, help with achievement of perfection of the personality. Everyone has to think of it during a meal. Ancient monks even said five special precepts before consumption of food.

Vegetables in Japanese a kukhneovoshcha - one of the main components of the majority of dishes of Japanese cuisine and the second secret of longevity of these people. Among the range of culinary masterpieces it is possible to see a huge number of dishes from the fresh, steamed or stewed vegetables. Besides, the earliest childhood Japanese eat seaweed which are champions on vitamin C content. The SoyaTretiy secret of the Japanese longevity - soy. Use this product in various types. From soy cook soups, sauces and even cottage cheese. Researchers note that exactly thanks to high consumption of soy products the Japanese inhabitants keep the health and keep longevity of the Japanese nation. RisRis - the main ingredient in Japanese cuisine and the fourth culinary secret of longevity. This product differs in the high content of carbohydrates thanks to what it is very often included in complexes of various diets. Japanese suffer from fight against excess weight several times less than representatives of other countries. Besides, consumption of rice without addition of salt promotes removal of slags and cholesterol from an organism. The RybaRyba - the fifth culinary secret of the Japanese longevity. Japanese use this product constantly. Fish becomes the main ingredient for a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. Knows everyone about advantage of fish and seafood. The regular use of these products in food saves from a set of diseases including cardiovascular diseases. It is remarkable that fish prevents even a set of types of cancer diseases.

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