Football field cake: master class

Football field cake: master class

Football field cake is an original and tasty surprise for any admirer of this sport, be it the little boy or the adult man. Cake long enough is cooked, but the result costs the spent forces and time.


For cake layers:

flour – 1 glass

sour cream (fat content of 15%) – 1 glass

granulated sugar – 1 glass

egg – 2 pieces

cocoa powder – 2 tablespoons

soda – ½ teaspoons

For a layer:

sour cream (fat content of 15%) – 350 grams

gelatin – 10 grams

sugar – 1 glass

water – the 10th tablespoons

vanillin - 1 bag

For cream:

Sour cream (fat content of 15%) - 1 glass

sugar – ½ teaspoons

For figures from mastic:

marshmallow - 150 grams

desi - 100 grams

icing sugar - 300 grams

white milk chocolate - 50 grams

water - 1.5 tablespoons

food colors

Necessary materials:

paper – 1 leaf

food wrap

toothpicks – several pieces


  • First of all begin with preparation of a stuffing. Wet gelatin in warm water for 10 minutes until crystals inflate. Put it on a plate and, constantly stirring slowly, wait when grains completely inflate.
  • In deep capacity mix granulated sugar, sour cream. Stirring slowly, an obavta in mix gelatin in the small portions.
  • Lay food wrap on a bottom of a baking dish. Pour out mix for a stuffing, level a surface the pallet go a spoon. Put a form in the fridge for 4-5 hours.
  • At this time make dough. Recipe quite simple. Mix eggs and granulated sugar in capacity, shake up them a fork. Then add sour cream and again well mix mix. Mix a sifted flour with soda, cocoa, add to the test and mix – you watch that in the test there were no lumps. Oil a form, pour out dough and stamp it the pallet so that the surface was plain. Bake a cake layer in the oven warmed up to 170 degrees Celsius within half an hour.
  • Now it is time to be accepted to a sweet sour cream. Connect sour cream and sugar in a bowl, grind them until granulated sugar completely isn't dissolved.
  • The turn of a difficult stage - mastic preparation came. Crush marshmallow pieces, lay out them in metal capacity and fill in with water. Kindle them on weak fire. Add icing sugar to the turned-out weight. Now it is necessary to knead mastic until it doesn't cease to be pasted to fingers. As soon as mastic weight becomes rather dense, inwrap it in a piece of food wrap and leave to rest in bed.
  • Start production of gate and marking for the football field. Break a tile of white milk chocolate on slices, put in a dense plastic bag and put in previously heated water. You keep a package in water until chocolate completely is kindled. On the sheet of paper draw a football goal of the necessary size, from above cover the drawing with food wrap. Cut off a corner at a plastic bag – the pastry bag will turn out. Carefully squeezing out chocolate on the drawing, circle a contour of the football field. That the design was volume, slightly bend its top part. Put gate in the freezer approximately for 15-20 minutes. A similar way make of the kindled chocolate a marking for the football field.
  • Further, when the cake layer is ready, it is necessary to take it from a form and by means of a knife to make rectangular as the real football field, cutting off uneven edges. The ready cake layer needs to be cut in half and to grease cuts with a sour cream. Leave a basis to become impregnated.
  • Now we pick cake: on the lower half we spread the gelatinous stiffened stuffing, from above we cover with the second half of a cake layer.
  • Grease with the softened desi by means of a culinary brush top and sides of a football floor. The butter layer has to be rather thick! Put a product in the fridge that oil stiffened.
  • Further it is necessary to mold figures of football players. Divide mastic weight into several parts. – the biggest – add green dye to one, roll weight with a rolling pin so that the layer about 3 millimeters thick turned out. Cover with it the football field.
  • From one more part of mastic which will remain white mold a ball, the heads, hands and legs to football players. Make details for figures of the remained weight. Connect parts of little men by means of toothpicks. Think over in advance as each guy and all team in general will look. It seems that in the field there is an intense competition for a cup?
  • Now it is time to be accepted to registration of cake. On the green field lay out a marking from white chocolate, establish gate, figures of athletes and a soccerball. When the product looks complete, it can be given to a table! The real masterpiece, isn't it turned out?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team