Fruit salad ""Aroma of summer"

Fruit salad ""Aroma of summer"

Excellent berries and fruit dessert with the shaken-up sour cream. It is pleasant to serve the cooled salad on a table in the hot summer afternoon - it turns out tasty, besides it is a large portion of vitamins!

It is required to you

  • - 300 g of sour cream or cream;
  • - on 150 g of sugar, strawberries, sweet cherries;
  • - 3 plums;
  • - 3 apricots;
  • - 2 nectarines;
  • - on a handful of black and red currant;
  • - piece of dark chocolate.


1. Wash out sweet cherry, strawberry, plums, apricots and nectarines, dry on paper towels. Clean from stones, cut with thin segments all berries and fruit. Leave two berries of strawberry intact for decoration of a ready-to-serve salad.

2. If desired you can sprinkle the prepared ingredients rum or cognac that the fruit salad turned out even more fragrantly.

3. Shake up sour cream together with sugar. Take dense sour cream, you can replace it with cream - with them salad turns out tasty too.

4. Carefully mix 2/3 sour creams with the prepared salad components. Lay out salad in one big salad bowl or on portion ice-cream bowls.

5. ""Aroma of summer"" from above water a fruit salad remained sour creams/cream. Decorate it with grated chocolate, the whole berries of strawberry both black and red currant. Before giving take salad in the fridge at least within 10-15 minutes - it is necessary to give it cooled.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team