Goroshnitsa: recipe of tasty porridge

Goroshnitsa: recipe of tasty porridge

Goroshnitsa – the ancient dish made of peas and various spices. Quite often different grain, potatoes, creamy and vegetable oils, various smoked products are added to preparation time to it. The dish turns out very tasty, nourishing and fragrant.

The recipe of a goroshnitsa with bacon

Very tasty goroshnitsa turns out if to cook her with smoked products. For this recipe brisket is used.

Necessary ingredients: 1 cups of peas, 130 g of bacon, salt, greens, onions

First of all it is necessary to put a pan with water on gas. Boil peas, it is obligatory to salt it. Cut bacon into small pieces, shift to a frying pan with the warmed oil and fry before emergence of fat. To small cut onions. It when from brisket fat begins to be melted, also to send to a frying pan. To mix everything and to fry until ready onions. Then to add to them boiled peas. Mix and leave for about 5 minutes for insisting. It is possible to consider that the goroshnitsa with smoked products whose recipe is so simple is ready. It was necessary to give her to a table as a separate dish or as a garnish.

Unusual recipe: a goroshnitsa with vermicelli and mushrooms

The goroshchnitsa prepared according to this recipe can be used not only in the usual menu, but also in the low-calorie menu, and even in vegetarian kitchen. If instead of noodles and mushrooms to put fresh fruit or dried fruits in it, then it will become a light dinner or a great breakfast. So, preparation of a goroshnitsa needs to be begun with collecting necessary products in one place that everything was under "hand". It is required: • Half a kilo of dried peas; • 10 pieces of dried cepes; • Bulb; • 200 g of home-made vermicelli or noodles; • 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil; • Salt. In the evening or early in the morning if you prepare a goroshnitsa late, it is necessary to wet peas in the added some salt water. Allow to stand 10-12 hours, without forgetting at the same time it to wash out occasionally. After time peas should be filled in with any broth (meat, mushroom, etc.) and to boil on slow fire to a kasheobrazny state. Cut a bulb on small cubes, fry in oil till golden color and shift in pease pudding. To mix everything. Also before preparing a goroshnitsa, in 10-12 hours, it is necessary to wet mushrooms. During its preparation they should be boiled until ready in a small amount of water, to cool, crush in the blender. Mix mushrooms with a goroshnitsa. At will it is possible to add a little mushroom broth. Boil noodles in a separate pan and cast away on a colander that water flew down. Before giving to spread out a goroshnitsa to a table on plates taking into account the number of eaters. To put a little noodles in the middle of each plate. That's all. Recipes how to cook a goroshnitsa, there is a set. The main thing is to choose that only most of which of all will be pleasant to you. Enjoy your meal!

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