Grandmother's advice how to make juicy cutlets

Grandmother's advice how to make juicy cutlets

At the grandmother the most tasty and juicy cutlets always turned out, even at restaurants such don't do. Of course, the large role is played by love for people for whom you prepare. But there are rules and secrets which allow to make every time such magic cutlets.

Milk and bread

That for cutlets without the wetted white loaf, the grandmother always takes the soft long loaf fluffy on the structure. The grandmother for half an hour before cooking kills him always.

On forcemeat half a kilo the grandmother takes a quarter of long loaf.

On a quarter of long loaf - and and there is so much half of liter of milk.

Long loaf always floats and doesn't absorb all milk, the grandmother pours out the milk rest in forcemeat. Forcemeat in itself absorbs liquid, and with milk he develops that taste.

Modern scientists and cooks studied in the scientific way and understood that with milk meat becomes more tasty. And the grandmother knew it all life!

Meat for forcemeat

Certainly the grandmother never bought the forcemeat made not clear of what. Meat pieces of the small size, but butchers, very good in the market, concede rather cheap.

The grandmother says that it is better than cutting of pork and beef, than the overwound beef hooves and the pork Piglet!

Fat has to be obligatory

The grandmother always mixed so-called "goulash", meat offcuts with fat. Not expensive fat will approach. The grandmother speaks, good fat for salting, and thin on forcemeat!

That fat was easy to be twisted on the meat grinder, the grandmother cuts it on pieces and freezes.

Fat there has to be about a third of amount of meat.


The grandmother says that if not to put onions, cutlets won't be such useful and tasty. And so all juice comes out onions and does cutlets even more usefully and more softly.

Never I saw that the grandmother cut onions, she overwinds it on the meat grinder with meat and fat.

And as the grandmother fries

When cutlets are fried, in a frying pan there is a lot of oil what for?

So they will never burn because temperature is distributed evenly on a half of cutlet and on a large amount of oil.

Always the grandmother dexterously rolls forcemeat in flour and at once puts in hot oil in a frying pan.

Not to soil a hand with forcemeat (it rolls in them cutlets in flour), it uses a tablespoon. To her hands cutlets don't stick, it is so easier to mold and speed, naturally, increases.

Did you in general see that you at restaurants so worked? Grandmother the best master!

When cutlets were roasted on the one hand, she reduces fire and covers a frying pan.

Under a cover the grandmother trains them 10 more minutes and switches off. And the main thing, a baking plate this cover they long remain hot.

Wise grandmother!

Important not only, as you will prepare, but also as you will give. Until the grandmother of all grandchildren and guests collects, what is the time will pass? All should talk, I put at them important, and the grandmother cares for all.

 The grandmother has everything in advance elaborately because the grandmother is the best of all! 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team