House shawarma? Easily!

House shawarma? Easily!

Make house shawarma very easily! My family adores when I prepare shawarma from the recipe - 30-40 minutes, and voila! Shawarma is ready!

It is required to you

  • - a lavash sheet (how many you want some shawarma, piece);
  • - pork of 500 g;
  • - French fries of 500 g;
  • - carrots of the Korean 300 g;
  • - cucumbers fresh-3-4 pieces;
  • - tomatoes fresh cherry-1 packing;
  • - ketchup;
  • - mayonnaise;


1. We prepare a stuffing for shawarma. - We wash out meat, we salt, we pepper and we fry on slow fire until ready. We fry French fries until ready. We wash cucumbers and we cut lengthways thin plates. We wash tomatoes and we cut rings.

2. Now we spread a lavash on a table. If a leaf very big, we halve. We take ketchup and mayonnaise on tea spoons and we coat a leaf of a lavash.

3. We spread ready stuffings ranks with the sheet edge: meat 1-2 spoons, French fries fried 4-5 pieces, carrots the Korean 1-2 spoons, 2 plates of a cucumber, 3-4 ringlets of tomato.

4. We wrap a leaf an envelope and we put in the sandwich maker for 3-4 minutes before formation of a crust. We spread beautifully on a dish and we call family! Shawarma is home-style ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team