How correctly and competently to write the composition.

How correctly and competently to write the composition.

Everyone had to write the composition, and not only in school. But not everyone is able to write it correctly. Structure of the composition are what defines its success. Following it, you will be able competently to state the thoughts and to submit the composition.

It is required to you

  • Composition subject, additional material, the thoughts on the set subject.


1. Make the plan which will correspond to structure on the draft copy: - Introduction (has to be short and logical) - the Main part (all essence of the offered subject) - the Conclusion (briefly the written result reveals) Scheduling has huge value. Try not to leave from points of the plan and to write composition strictly on it.

2. Write the composition, answering the question opening a subject - the main idea.

3. We write the introduction. Here you also need additional material. In the introduction it will be appropriate. For example, it is possible to mention the biography in introduction if you write about the person, or his statements, historic facts if you write about different events, etc. The following that has to be in the introduction - your understanding of a subject, the attitude towards him. It has to be short and accurate.

4. The main part has to consist of several paragraphs in which you have to as it is possible to open more stoutly a subject, supporting the reasonings with proofs. In the main part you have to answer the main issue, the subject offered you. Write the composition strictly on the made plan, you do not leave him, so you risk to lose logicality of statement. How many you will present proofs, so much at you has to be in the main part of paragraphs.

5. You have to present synthesis of all your composition in the conclusion. It is worth mentioning relevance of a subject, its value in society. In one offer introduce the ideas about it. The conclusion has to be short, logical and finished.

6. After you wrote the composition, it needs to be checked. For this purpose read the text written by you several times (once aloud, another - about yourself). For the first time you check it for existence of lexical and stylistic mistakes, for the second time - for existence punctuation and grammatical.

7. After writing and verification of the composition you can safely start its writing in the clean copy or the printout. Now you know how it is correct to write the composition. Following this advice, you without effort will be able to make the competent and structured text.

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