How many salt is necessary on 1 kg of pork shish kebab

How many salt is necessary on 1 kg of pork shish kebab

That the shish kebab turned out tasty, it is important to make competently marinade for it, not to go too far in salt and in spices. It is quite difficult to decide on that how many to put salts in a shish kebab, especially if the dish is cooked for the first time.

It is required to you

  • - meat;
  • - salt;
  • - spices;
  • - basis for marinade (kefir, wine, mineral water, vinegar or other).


1. So, to understand how many salt needs to be put in meat for a shish kebab, it is necessary to understand at first what will be marinade. If, for example, in marinade there is a mayonnaise, then salt needs to be added less, mayonnaise, as we know, already contains a number of salt. You shouldn't disregard also tastes of people for which the shish kebab is preparing, some love very salty food, others - slightly prisolenny. Therefore when cooking shish kebabs it is the best of all to use average amount of salt - a teaspoon on kilogram of meat. That is if two kilograms of meat are pickled, then it is required to add two teaspoons of salt (naturally, it is better large stone).

2. This calculation is given for shish kebabs in marinade from kefir, wine and mineral water. If when pickling meat the soy-bean sauce or mayonnaise undertakes, then it is better to check amount of salt to taste of marinade, that is at first to make marinade, having put in it all spices and salt, to taste structure (it has to be slightly a pickles, than food, habitual for you) then to fill in with it meat.

3. It is important to consider that pork - a fatty meat, and its oversalting can negatively affect a ready-to-eat meal (it will be dryish). Therefore if you prepare shish kebabs infrequently and to spoil a dish for you is similar to accident, then you remember - better not to dosolit pork, than to put too much salt. The maximum quantity of salt for kilogram of meat shouldn't exceed a teaspoon with ""hill"" if the product is pickled in mayonnaise or a soy-bean sauce - a teaspoon. It is possible to Dosolit a product always for half an hour before its frying on fires/coals.

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