How tasty to bake a salmon in an oven

How tasty to bake a salmon in an oven

Salmon - one of the most useful types of fish for a human body. Namely, it is vitamin-rich groups B, A and C, zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, fluorine and so on. Salmon dishes have refined gustatory qualities and are effective externally. To prepare it - to bake one of the easiest and tasty ways in an oven.

It is required to you

  • - a salmon - 400 g;
  • - a lemon - 2 pieces;
  • - mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons;
  • - garlic - 2 cloves;
  • - black sprinkling pepper;
  • - salt;
  • - fresh fennel - a half of a bunch or dried - 1 tablespoon;
  • - oil for form lubricant.


1. Wash out a salmon under flowing water and dry by means of paper towels. Clean garlic cloves and crush through a press or just knife small pieces.

2. In a small pan mix the crushed garlic, a black sprinkling pepper and salt. Salt with pepper can be taken in proportions 1:1, the quantity undertakes to taste. From one lemon squeeze out juice in a bowl and well mix everything. Cover with the turned-out weight a salmon from all directions and leave for 15-20 minutes in order that it properly became impregnated.

3. Meanwhile cut the second lemon with circles, and rinse fresh fennel and crush. Include an oven and establish temperature of 180 degrees. While it is warmed, in a separate small cup mix mayonnaise with the crushed fresh fennel or with dried.

4. Oil a form for roasting vegetable and place in it the pickled salmon. Process top of fish and a side mayonnaise and dill sauce and lay out on it lemon circles. Send preparation to the warmed oven for 40 minutes.

5. A ready salmon shift to a dish together with lemons and give with a stewed or fresh vegetables, potatoes and salad.

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